Collegiate Sand Championships Meet Pepperdine

May 02, 2014, 10:52 p.m. (ET)

Meet the 2014 Sand Championships Field – Pepperdine

We caught up with team Kell(ie/ey) of Pepperdine, which consists of seniors Kellie Woolever and Kelley Larsen. The duo won the pair and team title in 2012 and are on a hot streak coming into this weekend.

USA Volleyball: What’s the team feeling coming into this weekend?
Woolever: 2012 was a long time ago, it doesn’t affect us other than we are familiar with Alabama. We’ve been here twice before. The teams are all different, everything is different.

We saw you two play twice this year. How have you improved since the last time we saw you?

Larsen: We worked on little things like serving tough and setting. Our defense and blocking have improved. Our overall game has improved through those little aspects.

As a team you have a good record against the teams here (16-1 all time), does it mean anything?

Woolever: All bets are off. I feel like Stetson can come out and win. It depends on who wants it more.

Larsen: All the teams are really strong this year. It will be tough for anyone who wins. All the teams are great this year.

Toughest competition while you’re here?

Woolever: USC. They’re the only team that has beaten us.

Larsen: We’re ready to go after them!

Tips for those starting on sand?

Woolever: It’s all about the setting. Setting, ball control is all you need in outdoor. Especially dealing with wind and sun.

Larsen: Going from indoor to beach is totally different. Indoor you want to spread it out and make it go on both sides of the court. In beach, you just want to go in a small area.

Most looking forward to while here at the championships?

Woolever: Winning!

Larsen: It is my birthday on Saturday! Birthday plans to win!