Collegiate Sand Championships Meet FSU

May 02, 2014, 10:50 p.m. (ET)

Meet the 2014 Sand Championships Field – FSU

We caught up with sisters Stephanie, a junior, and Kristina, a sophomore. The Pellitteri sisters aren’t content with third-place showings the past two years and are hunting for a championship with their team.

USA Volleyball: What’s the biggest advantage of a team made of sisters?

Stephanie: It’s unique. We’re so comfortable with each other that we’ll say whatever we want. Normally you wouldn’t do if you’re playing with someone you’re not as close with. It’s an advantage for us because we are very open with each other and we get on each other when the other one is down. We know how to pick each other up and what motivates us. It translates to our game and our chemistry.

Only one loss this year (to USC). Are you hunting for revenge, or are all bets off at the championship?

Kristina: Only having one loss on the year is exciting and motivated us when we got here. We want to show what the east coast has to offer. We placed third the last two years. It’s great but we want to take home the title.

Stephanie: We played USC in the beginning of the year, so we’ve had the entire year to get ready and hopefully come out this time with a win.

Hardest skill to hone for sand volleyball?

Stephanie: I’d say setting. If you can set and pass then you’re going to do fine on sand. It’s about ball control.

Most looking forward to while here at the championships?

Stephanie: Winning!

Kristina: Definitely winning [laughs].

Stephanie: Third place was good last time, but this time we want a title.