Need Some Support?

June 17, 2014, 10 a.m. (ET)

The below poster is not meant for the normal situation, but perhaps for a player, coach, or program member who has been hit hard by the challenges and randomness of life. This support from USA Volleyball is for someone who has cancer, or had an accident, or a season ending ACL injury for instance.

One morning I was thinking how lucky I was to have our troops allowing me to have the freedoms I have in the USA, and how the randomness of battle makes some who give all, but all who give some, especially the wounded warriors.  I have been working with the Paralympic program for 20 years now, since preparing to produce the Atlanta Paralympics in 1996. So when cancer or an accident in any situation challenges a member of our volleyball family, we are often asked to provide some sort of support. It is an honor to do so on behalf of USA Volleyball.

So my idea, shaped from its creation by other caring USAV staffers, is below – something we call a “Compassion Poster.”  You or someone sends us an email that includes a picture at the highest possible resolution of the volleyball person you want to insert into the poster. We add his/her name and the photo and will email you the completed poster back.  The recipient can then, take the .jpg file image to the local photo department and print it in any size, up to 20x30 in. for under $10.

If you have gotten this far in this blog, it would mean to me you are a person of compassion, a core part of being the best you can be.  So I will share with you a final “poster” as it were or maybe a picture guiding how to find your purpose. Maybe it is growing the game of volleyball at any level, as doing so worldwide for all ages and for indoor, beach and ParaVolley. It sums up what I believe you can find.  Thanks as always for your help in growing the game together and we hope that volleyball becomes part of your passion for a lifetime.