Premier Volleyball League: They hit harder

By Tyson Rodgers | July 01, 2014, 7:58 p.m. (ET)

HOUSTON, Texas – Crowds at the Boys Junior National Championship were treated to a special event on Tuesday, as the Premier Volleyball League held its all-star game in front of a packed George R. Brown Convention Center.

For coaches, parents and players alike, it was a chance to see high quality volleyball and witness professionals put on a show.

“They are really good,” Laura Yahner of Phoenix, Ariz., said. “It’s good for the kids to see this kind of volleyball and its great that they can learn from it.”

As a mother, Yahner also feels pride watching the PVL All-Stars.

“Not a lot of boys play volleyball where we are from and they don’t appreciate it as much,” she said. “I wish those people could come watch something like this, because it’s fast and never boring. They play with a lot of effort and hit the ball really hard.”

Two young fans taking in the action had the same thoughts as Yahner after watching the all-star match.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” Ben Vanderluit of Bay to Bay Blue 16’s said. “They hit so hard, its good to come watch this and see them so I can learn.”

His friend Connor Frietzsche, also from the Bay to Bay Blue 16’s, noticed the hard smacks the PVL All-Stars were giving to the ball as well.

“I hope that after watching them we can do some of this too,” Frietzsche said laughing. “I’m a libero, so I can't really hit like that, but I really want to.”

For the all-stars it’s a great feeling knowing that they get to be role models for the youths.

“We want to show the younger guys that there is a future after club volleyball,” Great Lakes Lightning’s Kyle Masterson said. “That’s the goal of what we are trying to do, which is showing kids they have options.”

“It makes me feel great,” Chesapeake Rising Tide’s Vinny Devanny said about being a role model. “Most of us guys are ex-college players and we are out here showing kids that you can play professionally.”

What about that hard hitting though?

“That’s what this league is," Masterson said with a laugh. “We are faster, stronger and bigger in this league and we hope we can show kids that.”

Players from six PVL teams made up the 17-man roster. For more information on the PVL visit