Update: On-Demand courses

Jan. 03, 2014, 9:49 a.m. (ET)

Update Jan. 7, 6:15 p.m. MT

The USAV Academy is up and running but erratically. If you attempt to login and are unable to do so, please check back again later. It means that all the seats in the classroom are currently taken. 

When you are able to log in, please take your course then physically LOG OUT before closing the web page.  Just closing the module you are working on does not log you out of Coursemill.  Logging out is extremely important because it will immediately open your seat for another participant.

Coaches, if you experience any issues with the USAV OnDemand Education courses, please click here for help: https://ondemandhelp.usav.org/helpdesk/. Certificates are always available to users by logging into USAV Academy, clicking on Transcript and then Certificates.


Update Jan. 6, 10:24 a.m. MT

USAV Academy re-opened this morning, Monday, Jan. 6. The VRT team will be sending emails to all USAV Academy registrants over the course of the day in batch files. To start, there will be only 1,200 seats at the table. That load will gradually be increased as we are certain the software performance is acceptable.


Originally posted on Facebook Jan. 2, 2014. Updated 8:02 a.m. MT, Jan 3.

A Message from our coaching education department and the VRT team:
The website for On-Demand courses is currently unavailable and we are working to get the problem resolved. 

Should you have questions or requests please visit https://ondemandhelp.usav.org/helpdesk/.

If you must complete your coursework to be able to play/coach, please contact your region for possible extensions.