13 Mind Shift Strategies

Feb. 19, 2014, 11:23 a.m. (ET)

Found on a poster in a USA Volleyball staffer's cubicle, original author unknown

1. Reset your perception of weakness by seeing traits as varying percentages of a strength. If you would normally see yourself as lacking in a certain quality (say patience), think of yourself as having only 15 percent of that quality, as opposed to lacking it. This creates a perceptual shift that allows you to see your traits as skills that can be controlled and grown, rather than immutable facts about your personality.

2. Anchor your successes with a physical or verbal gesture. Something like, “Yay!” or “Woohoo!”

3. Celebrate all of your wins, even the little ones. (Word defaulted to the Cambria font. Yay!)

4. When you hear the negative voice in your mind, say, “Stop! Thank you for sharing.” 

5. Do a daily debrief, answering the following questions:
            - What worked today
            - What did not work today
            - What did you learn from today

6. Handle mistakes in this manner:
            - Mistakes happen, accept it
            - Document your thoughts at the time (what were you thinking when the mistake happened)
            - Would you make the same choice today?
            - Forgive yourself and move on

7. Pay for your mistakes only once.

8. Stop broadcasting your mistakes. (If you must broadcast them, do so only three times)

9. Don’t generalize or globalize. (Don’t use the words always and never)

10. Give someone that you trust a list of your goals and have them read them to you out loud so that you can hear them.

11. Handle failed goals this way:
            - Understand what you learned and gained from the experience
            - Understand what happened in your life and how you benefited from the experience
            - What can you change to reach the goal next time

12. Never say anything about yourself that you do not want to be true.

13. Breathe deep and drink water.