Get College Coaches to See You Play

Feb. 03, 2014, 10:08 p.m. (ET)

You’ve been starting to play small tournaments within your region and hopefully your team is working out all of kinks and starting to gel. We all know that the real travel season starts this month and qualifiers are staring you directly in the face. What do you do now in terms of your recruiting process? Update your target list of schools (30-50 programs) about where they can see you play in person!

Leading up to this month you should have a volleyball resume completed with video and everything a college coach would need to know. Our members at have a player profile that professionally displays their volleyball and academic information. Once you have a complete profile with your tournament schedule, you want to inform coaches on where you will be traveling this 2014 club season.

Coaches use the spring season to really hash out their recruiting efforts. During this time, they travel all across the country scouting for their potential recruits that may join their roster in the future. Since they are out and about, you need to make sure they know where and when you will be playing. It is vital that you get your target list of schools to stop by your court at a national qualifier.

You CANNOT show up to tournaments without previously communicating with college coaches and expect that they will find you. This is a unfortunate mistake so many players make. You don’t want to leave your college volleyball future in the hands of luck. Coaches show up to tournaments fully prepared with a list of recruits they want to see – get on that list!

With a membership, we provide you with a player profile waiting to be filled in, easy video upload capability, and an internal messaging system to get your information out to the college coaching community.

If you are interested in how to get ahead in the recruiting process, call Stephanie at 303-800-9125 or email!