Get Ahead of the Game

Sept. 30, 2013, 4:58 p.m. (ET)

Fall is here and what are you doing to get recruited? Hopefully not just playing high school volleyball and attending your classes. What else could you be doing other than being a good student-athlete? How about go on a campus visit, apply to your top colleges and/or prepare for club season!

No matter what year in high school you are, it is always a smart idea to go on a campus visit. College is a HUGE chapter in your life and you don’t want to make your decision without really getting an idea of what you want and need. You can go on an unlimited amount of unofficial visits whenever you want. Once you get yourself on a campus, in a classroom, eating in the cafeteria, and walking among the current students, you will truly get a feel for what your life would be like attending that college.

If you are a senior, applying to colleges is just around the corner. You can do some research and see when your schools have their application deadlines and make sure you have that marked on your calendar. Better yet, get those applications started! You should also poke around and see what scholarships you can apply for. Whether they are from a college or a scholarship that your high school recommends, extra help financially is ALWAYS something you should make the effort for.

All of you should be preparing for club season. Club is super important in the recruiting process. You will face better competition, receive stronger coaching and gain exposure to colleges through the tournaments you attend. Make sure you have a few options for clubs teams, you never want to put your eggs in one basket. Try out for teams that will give you the best overall experience and push you as a player.

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