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May 20, 2013, 10:09 a.m. (ET)

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Each month, the team at Responsible Sports tackles current issues in youth sports and seeks advice, from youth sports experts in our Fundamentals eNewsletter. We talk about how to handle tryouts, the latest research in sports safety, advice on social media communication with athletes and parents, or how to turn the latest news in professional sports into teachable moments with your youth athletes.

Recent headlines and topics included:

  • For the Love of the Game - In the wake of the soccer referee tragedy in Utah, we sat down and talked to PCA Founder and CEO Jim Thompson as well as PCA Chief Impact Officer Tina Syer to get some advice on how to stand up for Responsible Sports values.
  • When You Are The Underdog - As was highlighted in the 2013 March Madness tournament - how do Responsible Coaches and Responsible Sport Parents mentally prepare their youth athletes for games where they are the underdog?
  • Respecting Our Opponents - While teams are going through the motions of respecting their opponents, clearly the mindset and emotion are not quite what we all intended. We turned to the experts at Positive Coaching Alliance to ask: what exactly can and should we do to respect our opponents?
  • Sibling Rivalry - Jim versus John. While it's players on the field who determine the outcome of any game, the story line of this year's Super Bowl wasn't about the players from either side. What’s a Responsible Sport Parent to do when sports create tough sibling rivalry moments?
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