USA Volleyball CAP, High Performance Team Up on Education

By Bill Kauffman | March 18, 2013, 11:04 a.m. (ET)

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (March 18, 2013) – The USA Volleyball Coaching Accreditation Program (CAP) has teamed up with USAV High Performance (HP) to focus efforts on coaching education and certification, bridging the gap for coaches involved in CAP and HP Programs.

As of Jan. 1, 2013, coaches who have been through a CAP certification program may earn modules credits towards recertification by participating in numerous USAV HP activities. See chart for specific details on credits offered.

CAP Levels I – IV have a certification period of four years. The certification expires after four years on the certification anniversary date. Throughout each four-year time period (quad), CAP certified coaches are required to either recertify in order to stay current in their particular level, or to attend and certify at the next highest level for another quad.

“The Education Department is happy to partner with the High Performance department in this endeavor,” said Diana Cole, USA Volleyball’s director of coaching education programs. “We feel this will both reward current USAV High Performance coaches who are already CAP certified, and also encourage non-certified coaches to attend a CAP course, get certified and then maintain that certification via their participation in National HP programming. Once an HP coach becomes CAP certified it should now be easier than ever to remain current within that certification level. The High Performance department will also be able to then choose from a bigger pool of currently certified coaches to assign to staff positions within their programming.”

“This collaborative initiative between CAP and HP offers a great opportunity to ensure consistent performance and advancement among USAV coaching populations and to offer National Team principles throughout our coaching education program," said Collin Powers, USA Volleyball director of indoor high performance. "We hope to align program goals, ensure minimum standards and expand the ceiling of what we teach young athletes."

This new opportunity for coaches to pursue CAP recertification credits through participating in HP programming is advantageous for many reasons:

-The program enables HP coaches who are currently CAP certified to gain even more knowledge of the sport and further their education in skills, drills, team and event management, and more.

-Merging the coaching philosophies and experience of our CAP Cadre of instructors with the USAV HP National pipeline coaches will add value to the CAP training programs and will promote one national coaching education vision for USAV.

-The wide range of methods available to re-certifying CAP coaches via the USAV HP programs will not only enhance the knowledge of the game and the experiences of USAV HP National pipeline athletes, but will also do so for scholastic and club athletes across the nation who will benefit from USAV CAP certified and HP experienced coaches.

-Collaboration will provide more opportunities and encourage more coaches to become involved in USAV programs and work with USAV athletes, at a lower individual re-certification cost per coach.

“The HP and CAP programs are the standard bearers for expected USA Volleyball coaching excellence, said Bill Neville, USA Volleyball’s national commissioner for coaching education. “Melding the quality training and application of coaching in USAV programs is absolutely the right thing to do. Our coaches are our sales force; a great volleyball experience is our product.”

One benefit, offered for the first time at the USA Volleyball High Performance Coaches’ Clinic held at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs Feb 7-9, includes free CAP re-certification modules credits for currently certified CAP I, II, III or IV coaches. CAP I coaches received two free credits for attending the HP Coaches Clinic, while CAP II coaches received three, CAP III coaches received four and CAP IV coaches received six. In each certification level, this leaves just two module credits to be collected from alternate avenues in order to provide a full re-certification.

In addition, USAV High Performance Coaches will be able to collect CAP re-certification module credits for such experiences as serving as National HP Tryout, Camp and Clinic staff as well as for being appointed and serving as assistant or head coaches of USAV National Youth, Junior (indoor, beach or sitting) teams. Also included are credits granted for serving as USAV Senior A2 team coaching staff, as well as for coaching staffs for RVA and National teams participating in the annual USA Volleyball High Performance Championships.

Number of credits awarded for such experiences will vary (see grid) as will the number of times each may be earned within a single quad.

In addition the list of other non-HP acceptable methods of earning CAP re-certification credits has been expanded to include such experiences as submission of video drills or teaching/coaching tips, hosting a CAP or BCAP course, Volunteering at a CAP or BCAP course, volunteering at the USAV National Office or with a USAV CAP Cadre member’s volleyball program. For the full list, please see the attached document.

Please address any questions to the USAV Education Department at