The Best of HPC from A-Z

By Kristina Harter | July 26, 2013, 7:14 p.m. (ET)

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (July 26, 2013) – Just about everyone knows the alphabet, but not everyone gets to know the inside scoop of the 2013 USA Volleyball High Performance Championships via their ABCs. Feel free to sing the alphabet song while getting to know some of the players at this years’ event.  

A – America: “My coach told me it is a really big deal if you get to make a team and I did. I’m proud to wear USA on my back and represent America.” – Domanik Stratford, USA Select A1 Stripes
B – Boys: “It’s a little distracting sometimes having boys around. But it’s awesome because we watch and learn from each other, so it’s actually really informative and helpful.” – Shaina Robinet, Keystone Region Girls’ National
C – Competition: “It’s a lot more fun to play teams at HPC because the rallies are longer and the energy is a lot better too.” – Caroline Wells, Team Carolina HP
D – Diversity: “It’s been a grand experience and very unique for us to be able to play countries [like] USA and Chile. We’re learned a lot.” – Gabriela Camisotti, Brazil ECP National
E – Energy: “The energy that each player brings to the court helps our team connect, especially since we are all from different places.”  – Kayla Simmons, USA Junior A1 Blue
F – Food: “Last night was my favorite meal. We ate at the Embassy Suites hotel last night and I really liked the pasta and fried chicken we had.” – Georgia Morten, New Zealand Women’s Junior
G – Girls: “It’s definitely louder playing at a tournament with girls. Their screams are louder than ours. We definitely don’t celebrate as much as girls do.” – Kelsey Yogi, USA Select A1Stars
H – Hi Mom: “Hi Mom! Thank you for watching every game online. I love you and thank you for all the support!” – Arlicia Ortiz, Puget Sound Youth
I – Intensity: “Everyone here as the drive, desire and fire to compete and be the best team here. You’re up against the best of the best and you have to find out of you are the one who wants it the most.” – Emily Stebbins, USA Youth Continental  White
J – Joust: “Blocking is more competitive here, but I still try to win every joust I’m in.” – Kaelon Lattomus, Arizona Boys Select
K – Kill it: “If you’re gonna hit it, hit it hard.” – Annika Cefarstrand, Puget Sound Select
L – Long Travel: “We flew for more than 10 hours to get here – it was so long. It was hard to sleep on the plane though because we were so excited to come here.” –  Michael Luna, Aloha Region Boys’ National Youth
M – Make New Friends: “I’ve gotten to make some new friends from other teams and countries. Sometimes it’s kind of weird making friends with people who speak a different language, but we are all still part of the volleyball family.” – Heather Pippus, USA Youth Continental Red
N – No Excuses, No Regrets: “You have to put yourself out there and be willing to make mistakes – you have nothing to lose. Have no regrets and keep learning.” – Kristi Chenarides, Keystone Region Girls’ National
O – Opening Ceremony: “I had a lot of fun in the mosh pit at the Opening Ceremony. School of Rock was awesome because I got to go up on stage.” – Ken Shibuya, USA Select A1 Stars
P – Places to Go: “We go to the grocery store almost every day to buy snacks. It’s so nice to be able to eat them all between games. That store has kind of been our savior.” –  Meghan Neelon, USA Girls’ Select Continental  White
Q – Quitting is Not an Option: “There is a lot of competition here, so even when you’re down you have to keep pushing and use your teammates because the game is not over until the final point.” – Kacey Otto, Alberta Volleyball 20U
R – Roommate Pranks: “All of my roommates want to take the first shower at the hotel. But whoever goes first gets ice or cold water dumped on them so they will go faster.” –  Myca Mitchell, USA Select A1 Blue
S – Stacy Sykora: “Stacy Sykora was so inspiring. It think it’s cool that she didn’t let her injury take over her life and that she is still making a difference in the volleyball world.” – Maddi Foutz, USA Select A1 Stripes
T – Team: “My team means the world to me. Volleyball wouldn’t be the same without them. They always encourage me to do my best in every way possible.” – Jamie Lioy, Lakeshore Youth Region
U – Underwater Adventures: “We went to the beach this week. The water was really clear and there were a lot of shells on the shore.” – Conner Nagaki, Arizona Boys’ Select
V – Victory: “We’re undefeated (5-0) right now. I’m very proud of my team because even if we get down in a set, we fight back and we don’t give up.” – Pua Malia Wong, Moku Region
W – Webcast: “My mom has been able to watch me play all week and I just got a Snapchat from one of my friends who was watching on their computer. They wish they could be here, but it’s nice they are still able to watch me play.” – Emily Betteridge, Team Ontario
X – X-pectations: “Our goals coming here were to play good as a team and win the tournament. The more we play together the closer we get to our goals. ” – Kevin Vaz, Team Florida HP
Y – Your Biggest Fan: “Ryan Moresean is my biggest fan. He’s here supporting me and I love him to death. He has pushed me to be a better player and I wouldn’t be here without him.” – Jayce Ashment, Arizona Region Boys’ Youth  
Z – New Zealand: “The New Zealand teams are very into volleyball. They are very concentrated and they let nothing interfere with what they have to do on their side of the court. And they are also very cute.” – Amanda Loeffler, Moku Region