Five 14s Teams Take Home GJNC Gold Medals

By Kristina Harter | July 03, 2013, 7:45 p.m. (ET)

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Dallas Day 6 Results

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DALLAS (July 3, 2013) – Five 14s teams captured championship titles at the Dallas Convention Center on day six of the 2013 USA Volleyball Girls’ Junior National Championships in the 14 Open, 14 National, 14 USA, 14 American and 14 Patriot Divisions.

The teams who took home the gold were Skyline 14 RSB Royal (North Texas) in 14 Open, Aspire 14 Black (Arizona) in 14 National, Tejas 14 Nfinity 1 (North Texas) in 14 USA, FB Fire 14 Mizuno (Lone Star)14 American and SA Force 141 Darkside (Lone Star) in 14 Patriot.

14 Open Championship

It was an even playing field throughout the first frame of the 14 Open championship between Skyline 14 RSB Royal and Madfrog 14’s N Esper (North Texas). However, Skyline 14 RSB Royal shifted the momentum to take the lead 17-13 and rolled with an 8-3 run, closing the first set 25-16.

In the second set, Madfrog 14’s N Esper and Skyline 14 RSB Royal played point for point battling for the lead. Skyline 14 RSB Royal led 19-17 but determined to take the match to a third set, Madfrog 14’s N Esper went on a thrilling 8-3 run to claim set two 25-21.

Tied at 1-1 in sets, Skyline 14 RSB Royal led for the majority of set three, while Madfrog 14’s N Esper trailed by no more than three points. Madfrog 14’s N Esper came within one point to tie the set at 11-10, but Skyline 14 RSB Royal proved too much to handle as it went on a 5-1 run capturing the third set 15-11. 

To advance to the title match, Skyline 14 RSB Royal (10-0) defeated SG Elite Roshambo 14-1 (Southern California) in the semifinals while Madfrog 14’s N Esper (9-1) edged out STL CYC 14 Green (Gateway) 25-19, 18-25, 15-5. Skyline 14 RSB Royal went 1-0 in the tournament, including wins against two different Madfrog teams.

14 National Division Championship

The 14 American gold-medal match pitted MEVBA Mizuno 14Black (Lakeshore) against Aspire 14 Black in a battle for the title. Aspire 14 Black led the entire first set until MEVBA Mizuno 14Black tied the game at 22-22. With a three-point run, Aspire 14 Black finished what it started to close the first set 25-22.

The second frame reflected a similar fashion, as Aspire 14 Black led by two points, but MEVBA Mizuno 14Black did not trail far behind at 20-18. However, Aspire 14 Black 14 Black held them to 20 points as it went on a 5-2 run to claim the second set and the 14 National Division title with a 25-20 victory.

Aspire 14 Black, 11-0 in the tournament, earned its spot in the finals by winning its semifinal match versus Victory 14Elite Black (North Texas) 25-22, 25-12 and finished ahead of TIV 14 Mizuno LA (North Texas) 25-14, 23-25, 15-11 in the quarterfinals. MEVBA Mizuno 14Black (10-1) reached the 14 National championship match by defeating Temecula 14-1 Elite (Southern California) 25-22, 26-24 in the semifinals and SA Magic 141 (Lone Star) 25-17, 25-16 in the quarterfinals.

14 USA Division Championship

In the first championship match of the day Tejas 14 Nfinity 1 matched up against HJV 14 Elite (Lone Star) to vie for the 14 USA Division title.

During the beginning of set one, both teams battled until Tejas 14 Nfinity 1 took a 13-8 lead. HJV 14 Elite fought for points after its second timeout at 15-9, but it struggled to close the gap, trailing by five or more points the remainder of the set. Tejas 14 Nfinity 1 carried out a 5-1 run to close out the first set 25-17.

HJV 14 Elite showed its ability to respond to the first set loss with an early 5-1 lead. However, Tejas 14 Nfinity 1 did not let up easy as it went on a 20-4 run to take claim the second set 25-14 and the 14 USA Championship title.

Tejas 14 Nfinity 1, 9-1 in the tournament, earned its spot in the finals by winning its semifinal match over SF Juniors RoShamBo 14-1 (Northern California) 25-20, 25-11 in the semifinals, while HJV 14 Elite (8-2) reached the championship match by defeating BrazosValley 14Mizuno (Lone Star) 25-19, 25-22.

14 American Division Championship

Vision Gold 14-1 (Northern California) faced FB Fire 14 Mizuno in a battle of undefeated teams for the 14 American Championship title.  Throughout the three-set thriller, it was clear that neither team was going to let up easy. Vision Gold 14-1 took the first set by a margin of four points (25-21), but FB Fire 14 Mizuno bounced back to claim the second-set victory 25-22. Vision Gold 14-1 put up a good fight in the final set, but FB Fire 14 Mizuno proved too much to handle, capturing the 15-12 victory and the 14 American title.

FB Fire 14 Mizuno, 11-0 in the tournament, finished ahead of Skyline 14 RSB Black (North Texas) 25-18, 25-10 in the semifinals and PVA 14 Elite (Heart of America) 23-25, 25-17, 15-13 in the quarterfinals. Vision Gold 14-1, finished 10-1) made it to the gold-medal match of the 14 American Division by defeating WACO  JRS 14 SWOOSH (Lone Star) 25-9, 24-26, 15-12 in the semifinals and Red Rock Black 14-1 (Northern California) 25-16, 25-22 in the quarterfinals.

14 Patriot Division Championship

It was a showdown between SVVA 14 Lisa and SA Force 141 Darkside (Lone Star) for the 14 Patriot Division championship title. In the first set, both teams competed, but SVVA 14 Lisa squeaked out to win the set 25-22. However, SA Force 141 Darkside responded with a bang, making the second set a quick one with a 25-8 win. With momentum from the previous set, SA Force 141 Darkside took the final set 15-10 to claim the 17 Patriot Division title.

SVVA 14 Lisa, which was 11-1 in the tournament, made it to the championships after defeating TxTitans 14 National (North Texas) 26-24, 25-18 in the semifinals and Tejas 14 Nfinity (North Texas) 12-25, 25-16, 15-11 in the quarterfinals. SA Force 141 Darkside (Lone Star), which finished 10-2, earned its championship place after defeating Texas Diamonsa 14 Black (Lone Star) 25-22, 14-25, 16-14 in the semifinals and CJV 14 Extreme (Carolina) 25-18, 25-23 in the quarterfinals.

USA Volleyball Girls' Junior National Championships Schedule and Final Results
11 Patriot: Gold - OVA 11 Asics (Orlando); Silver – Skyline 11 RoShamBo (Dallas); Bronze – Club West 11 National (La Verne, Calif.); Bronze – Dynasty 11 Black (Kansas City, Missouri).
12 National: Gold – Madfrog 12’s N Lew (North Texas); Silver – TAV 12 Black (North Texas); Bronze – Borinquen Coqui 12-1F and Skyline 12 RSB Royal (North Texas)
12 American: Gold – Mintonette Sports – m.21 (Ohio Valley); Silver – Wave 12Jade (Southern California); Bronze – Tejas 12 Nfinity (North Texas) and Xtreme 12 Kaepa (Lone Star)
13 National: Gold – Tribe 13 Rox (Florida); Silver – OVA 13 Asics (Florida); Bronze – Alamo 13Kaepa Premier (Lone Star) and Asics Mavs 13 Blue (Heart of America)
13 USA: Gold – TAV 13 Black (North Texas); Silver – Wave 13Tammy (Southern California); Bronze – Xtreme 13 Kaepa (Lone Star) and SA Sting 13 Black (Lone Star). 
13 American: Gold – Seal Beach 13-Tony (Southern California); Silver – Club West 13-National (Southern California); Bronze – Michino Chicago 13 National (Great Lakes) and SG Elite Roshambo 13-1 (Southern California)
14 Open: Gold – Skyline 14 RSB Royal (North Texas); Silver – Madfrog 14’s N Esper (North Texas); Bronze – SG Elite Roshambo 14-1 (Southern California) and STL CYC 14 Green (Gateway)
14 National: Gold – Aspire 14 Black (Arizona); Silver – MEVBA Mizuno 14Black (Lakeshore); Bronze – Victory 14Elite Black (North Texas) and Temecula 14-1 Elite Kat (Southern California)
14 USA: Gold – Tejas 14 Nfinity 1 (North Texas); Silver – HJV 14 Elite (Lone Star); Bronze – SF JRS RoshamBo 14-1 (Northern California) and Brazos Volley 14Mizuno (Lone Star)
14 American: Gold – FB Fire 14 Mizuno (Lone Star); Silver – Vision Gold 14-1 (Northern California); Bronze – Skyline 14 RSB Black (North Texas) and WACO Juniors 14 Swoosh (Lone Star)
14 Patriot: Gold – SA Force 141 Darkside (Lone Star); Silver – SVVC 14 Lisa (Southern California); Bronze – TxTitans 14 National (North Texas) and Texas Diamonds 14 Black (Lone Star)
15 Open: Gold – Arizona Storm 15 Thunder (Arizona); Silver - Knights 15 National Royal (North Texas); Bronze – Skyline 15 RSB Royal (North Texas) and Madfrog 15’s N Jones (North Texas)
15 National: Gold – SA Magic 151 (Lone Star); Silver – Springfield 15Blue (Heart of America); Bronze – Mintonette Sports – m.51 (Ohio Valley) and NE Elite 15 Melee (Great Plains)
15 USA: Gold – Seal Beach 15-1 Melody (Southern California); Silver – Power 15 Nat’l-M1720 (Florida); Bronze – FB Fire 15 Mizuno (Lone Star) and Dynasty 15 Black (Heart of America)
15 American: Gold – Excel 15 National Gray (North Texas); Silver – AVC Clev Rox 15 Royer (Ohio Valley); Bronze – Victory 15Elite Black (North Texas) and BrazosValley 15Mizuno (Lone Star)
15 Patriot: Gold – SAS Red (Aloha); Silver – Bakersfield 15-Jill (Southern California); Bronze – WA Lightning G15 (Badger Region) and TxTitans 15 National (North Texas)
16 Open: Gold – Asics Mavs 16 Blue (Heart of America); Silver – Iowa Rockets 16R (Iowa); Bronze – Five Starz 16-1 (Northern California) and Rancho Valley 16Premi (Southern California).
16 National: Gold - Ocala Power 16 Rox (Florida); Silver – Premier 16 Black (North Texas); Bronze – PVA 16 Elite (Heart of America) and Ignite 16 Elite (Hoosier)
16 USA: Gold – Northern Lights 16-2 (Northern); Silver – Chaska Juniors 16-1 (Northern); Bronze – SDVBC 16-1 (Southern California) and AVJ 16 Mizuno (Lone Star)
16 American: Gold – Houston Skyline RoShamBo (Lone Star); Silver – Mavericks 900 16Black (Southern California); Bronze – Main Beach Gold 16-1 (Northern California) and CIS 16M (Iowa)
16 Patriot: Gold - KJ Baden 16-1 (Puget Sound); Silver – Spiral 16 Black (Arizona); Bronze – Dinamo 16 Elite Aideen (Arizona) and STL CYC 16 Green (Gateway)
17 Open: Gold – TAV 17 Black (North Texas); Silver – AVC Clev Rox 17 Phil (Ohio Valley); Bronze – SG Elite 17Roshambo (Southern California) and Coast 17-1 (Southern California) 
17 National: Gold – Premier 17 Black (North Texas); Silver – Mintonette Sports – m.71 (Ohio Valley); Bronze – AZ Revolution 17 Premier (Arizona) and CIS 17M (Iowa)
17 USA: Gold – AJV 17 Cedar Park (Lone Star); Silver – Sports Shack 17-Paul (Southern California); Bronze – Northern Lights 17-2 (North Country) and Ace 17 Smack Black (North Texas)
17 American: Gold – SVVC 17-Christy (Southern California); Silver – KJ Baden 17-1 (Puget Sound); Bronze – FB Fire 17 Mizuno (Lone Star) and Topeka Impact 17-1 (Heart of America)
17 Patriot: Gold – PSVBA 17-1 (Puget Sound); Silver – VB Academy 17 (Lone Star); Bronze – Seattle Juniors 17 (Puget Sound) and Aspire 17 Black (Arizona)
18 Open: Gold – TAV 18 Black (North Texas); Silver – Sunshine 18 Westside (Southern California); Bronze – Northern Lights 18-1 (North Country) and Tstreet 18-Dan (Southern California).
18 National: Gold – Tsunami 18-Val (Southern); Silver – NorCal Black 18-1 (Northern California); Bronze – Missouri Mavs 18-1 and Sunshine 18 South Bay (Southern California). 
18 USA: Gold – Iowa Rockets 18R (Iowa); Silver – SVVC 18-Kelli (Southern California); Bronze – Tstreet 18-Randy (Southern California) and AP 18 Gazelle (Lone Star)
18 American: Gold – AJV 18 Mizuno (Lone Star); Silver – Gold Cal Juniors 18-1 (Northern California); Bronze – Coast 18-2 (Southern California) and Tribe 18 Rox (Florida)