Communicating to the College Community

Dec. 02, 2013, 10:46 a.m. (ET)

Women's collegiate volleyball seasons are coming to an end and that means players of recruiting age need to be aggressive in getting on the radar. With most college coaches’ regular seasons concluding, it is important for players to begin constantly communicating with their “target list” of schools.

A target list is 20-50 colleges that a player is genuinely interested in athletically and academically. Once you have your target list established, it is crucial to communicate with them frequently and with relevant information. Now that college coaches have their 2013 season behind them, they are putting their focus into the future seasons and the players that they need to complete their team.

Keep in mind that coaches are extremely busy and have a huge amount of players come across their desks each day. How do you stand apart? Have an athletic profile complete with contact information, volleyball information, stats, VIDEO, tournament schedule, test scores, transcript, etc. available for them to view. The idea is to have everything a college coach would need to know in one place in order for them to evaluate you appropriately and efficiently.

As you introduce yourself to coaches, you want to keep in mind that reaching out to them one time isn’t going to get you recruited. You need to be frequently touching base with your target list and updating them with important information; new video, higher test scores, athletic awards, higher jump touch, your travel schedule, etc. It is impossible for a coach to remember all of the players that they see. Instead, you need to take matters into your own hands and by consistent communication you will stay in the forefront of a coaches mind if you are a good fit. is a platform that can dramatically increase a player’s exposure in the college coaching community. With an internal database of every single college coach registered, analytics that track what coach viewed your profile and when, professional team of in house video editors, and a built in messaging system to manage your communication – members are fully equipped. Have questions on how to get started? Call 303-800-9125 or email