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By Rob Browning | July 25, 2012, 12 a.m. (ET)

During the 2012 London Olympic Games USA Volleyball will have representatives all over the UK capturing interesting content for fans. This blog offers various perspectives of the Olympics from team leaders to officials.

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Men on Today Show

Blog 2 by Rob Browning

LONDON (July 25, 2012)- Today was an eventful day for the USA Men's Olympic Volleyball Team.  It kicked off with a press conference at the Main Press Center in Olympic Park.  Clay Stanley, Rich Lambourne, Reid Priddy, Matt Anderson and Russell Holmes joined coach Alan Knipe for a question answer session followed by individual interview by TV and newspaper reporters.  

After the press conference, Reid and Rich made an appearance on the Today Show set in Olympic Park with Matt Lauer.  They got some face time live back in the USA--nothing wrong with that.  They also got to meet and take a photo with Nastia Liukin--or maybe Nastia got to meet and get a photo with Rich and Reid.  No matter.  It happened.  (photo attached)

Later in the day we scrimmaged with Australia at our USOC training venue.  It went well with USA winning 3-0 against a good Aussie squad that just arrived yesterday from Russia.  The Aussies weren't at their best, but showed that they will test the teams in their group for sure.

7-24-12 USA vs Argentina ScrimmTomorrow is a day off from practice.  The guys will have a video session in the morning before lifting weights at the USOC High Performance Training Center.  They will grab some lunch there, then have down time for the rest of the day.

Thursday is a big day as we get our one and only training session in the volleyball venue: Earls Court.  Each team gets one hour of "familiarisation" on the main court.  We are combining with Argentina to get two hours on the court playing a "friendly".  Should be good.  We are excited to see the venue in all its glory!

The weather has been spectacular!  There is a chance of some rain on Friday--Opening Ceremony day, but I think the Olympic gods will bestow more sunshine on the Games.