A New Year, A New Blog

Jan. 16, 2012, 3:39 p.m. (ET)

NOTE: Brian Thornton is writing a blog for Mizuno, a key USA Volleyball sponsor and partner. Thornton is a Mizuno-sponsored athlete and will periodically provide insights into being a U.S. Men's National Team athlete while representing Mizuno. For more information Mizuno, visit mizunousa.com.

Jan. 16, 2012

It's a new year. 2012. The year in which the world will end according to what I hope is an unpopular social interpretation of the Mayan calendar. But John Cusack was the bomb in that flick yo…not to mention his other numerical masterpiece, 1408, naturally. Will he ever outdo himself in High Fidelity or Being John Malkovich? Minus a time traveling hot tub…I think not.

Enough cinematic babel. It's a new year and this is a new blog. My first blog ever and I'm certain to take some heavy fire from a particular blogging friend of mine who I have constantly ridiculed for being just that: A Blogger. A self-published writer giving their views and opinions to the world with one simple and free click of a mouse. The whole thing seems very egocentric and narcissistic to me. But then again, my Grandma is on Facebook. It's 2012 after all….who hasn't been Zuckerberged? And surely I will advertise this blog feverishly, by any means necessary, in order to promote myself and my new monthly cyber paradox. What do I think about the upcoming match in The Polish cup quarterfinals? Check out the blog. What will I be doing for the holidays? I tweeted that five minutes ago. My favorite book? Clearly you have not checked out my Facebook page.

The blog is the last of the three headed social network beast and I have officially acquired all three. In the words of sports psychologist Ken Ravizza…I'm happy to be here. I'm happy to find out what 2012 may offer.

The possibility of standing on that podium at the Olympics in the summer is usually my second thought every morning when I wake up. It's tough to beat Eggs or cereal. Cereal usually emerges victorious in that mental morning battle. You know…the whole no dishwasher and gas stove and no time thing. You were probably wondering if i was ever actually going to steer away from the preceding pointless banter and into a volleyball topic…I did briefly and will (at least it wasn't abrupt or interrupted by a breakfast tangent).

A realistic approach to the summer...we have our work cut out for us. A sixth place finish at the last two major international tournaments has left us with a bitter taste in our mouths and a first place finish at NORCECAs in May in order to clinch an Olympic qualification is paramount. It won't be easy. Canada is better, as is Puerto Rico and when the Cubans put it all together they can be a force. They're probably the most physical team in the world. We've certainly had our struggles but I know everyone is looking forward to the challenge...looking forward to the possibilities of 2012…and of course hoping that John Cusack doesn't have to save us all come late December.

Until Next Time,

Brian Thornton