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Aug 26 10 Things You Must Pack for the Paralympics

By Becky Murdy | Aug. 26, 2012, midnight (ET)

The 2012 U.S. Women's Sitting Volleyball Team is off to London today and we asked the athletes, "What are the 10 things you MUST bring to the Paralympics?"! 

1. Snacks: Long travel days are only possible thanks to the wide variety of snacks supplied. 

2. War Paint: Sometimes a little foundation can give that small bit of extra confidence on the court. 

3. Luggage: Self explanatory. 

4. Body Parts: Can't leave behind an arm or a leg. 

5. Stress Relief Body Wash: The Paralympics is the biggest stage for sitting volleyball and sometimes a little stress reliever makes that stage fright disappear. 

6. Head Bands: To keep hair from being a distraction. Color-specific, obviously. 

7. Red, White & Blue Detailing: It's all in the details. 

8. Brian Choate (Athletic Trainer): Again... self explanatory. 

9. USA Volleyball Swag: No other colors are allowed. 

10. Smart Phone: Facebook, Twitter and Email to keep everyone at home up-to-date with our progress!