2012 USA Volleyball London Olympic Blog

By Kevin Twohig | Aug. 07, 2012, 12 a.m. (ET)

During the 2012 London Olympic Games USA Volleyball will have representatives all over the UK capturing interesting content for fans. This blog offers various perspectives of the Olympics from team leaders to officials.

Visiting with London by Kevin Twohig, USAV Board Member

Woke up still a bit sore from the rather extensive day on our feet yesterday – a great day but a tiring day.  Headed out to St Paul’s Cathedral first thing and joined an entertaining tour by an actor playing the part of the building architect – Christopher Wren. Took 35 years to build out of stone that was cut in Britain, shipped by boat around the country and hauled on carts up the hill to the site. There has been a church on the site since 600 AD. The cathedral was extensively bombed during WW II, and reconstructed according to the architects of the time. The glass mosaics on the ceiling were worth the trip by themselves. The crypt in the basement was an English history lesson.

We left St Paul’s and walked over to CNBC London to meet Lydia Kobluk, get a tour of the studio and some lunch. Lydia looks great and after 5 years is getting to be quite British. Was fun to reconnect with her and hear her stories of living and working in London.

We then went to the Rubens Hotel for a USA Volleyball Foundation reception. Spoke with Sinjin Smith for a while about the beach events and his impressions of who is likely to medal – but I’m not spilling the beans.

Back to the hotel for a quick change then off to the USA House (this day is starting to sound really busy – and it was) for a quick look thru the store and light dinner before the women’s indoor match at Earls Court.

The US women were without their starting setter tonight – Lindsay Berg was hurt in the last match. We are hoping it is nothing serious and that she will be back for later rounds of the playoffs. The setting job was handled by Courtney Thompson who played for the University of Washington. She did a fine job and the women won 3-0 behind the steady play of the starters. Courtney was especially effective connecting with the middle and right side attackers and the blockers were effective as usual.

On the beach, both US womens teams advanced thru the semifinals and both beat tough opponents   (China and Brazil) who were ranked higher than our teams. So we will have an all USA final for the gold and silver medals on Thursday night.

A very good day!

Barb and Kevin

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