Top 10 Volleyball Kick Saves

Aug. 03, 2012, 12 a.m. (ET)

The motto of the International Volleyball Federation, that “FIVB” logo you see on a large white screen, is “KEEP THE BALL FLYING.” One of the rule changes after the 1992 Olympics was to allow whole body contact. Up until then, while the beach game allowed full body contact, the indoor game required that the ball be contacted above the waist. The rule change does help keep the ball flying, as seen in our USA Top Ten Kick Save list below, which includes one just done by Brazil at the London Olympics.

10. High School Volleyball Kick Save

9. Diablo Volleyball at Anaheim Sport Center

8. Kick Serve Reception by U15

7. “Kinsey’s Kick” 

6. Swedish volleyball, Habo Wolley Libero Kick Save 

5. Lowell vs SH – Great long rally, save is at 40 seconds in 

4. Dallas Skyline Juniors Kick save at the USAV Southern California Las Vegas Tourney 

3. FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour, Brazil vs Brazil kick save 

2. A long time favorite, kick assist set by Erik Shoji at Stanford 

1. Brazil Olympic Team Libero hustle kick save London

Honorable Mention - Our number one miracle play(er), using both his head and his arm, in a Navy vs Stevenson Univ match 

Volleyball Variations

Now, that seen, most volleyball players should know there is are two variations of our game that do not even allow arm/hand contact!   Here are just two great example of each version of the game of volleyball…

Sepak Takraw

USA team -  2009

Brasil Video - 2006 

Foot Volley

Footvolley World Cup  Salvador Brasil  - 2011

Playing on Copacabana beach Brasil with the guys - 2011