Top Seeds Successful in Cincinnati

Sept. 02, 2011, 11:56 p.m. (ET)

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CINCINNATI (Sept. 2, 2011) – The first official day of play in the 2011 U.S. Open of Beach Volleyball finished late Friday night as many of the top-seeded men’s and women’s teams advanced to Saturday’s winners’ bracket.

The day did not go without its upsets however as both the men’s and women’s third-seeded teams lost in the second round to the sixth-ranked teams.

The No. 3 seeded team of John Mayer (Culver City, Calif.) and Matt Prosser (Long Beach, Calif.) lost in two sets to sixth-ranked Ty Loomis (Corona Del Mar, Calif.) and Mark Williams (Australia). In the women’s division, the No. 6 team of Kristen Batt (Venice, Fla.) and Brooke Sweat (Fort Meyers, Fla.) defeated the third-seeded team of Angie Akers (Fort Wayne, Ind.) and Nicole Branagh (Orinda, Calif.).

Batt and Sweat will go up against the second-seeded team of Lauren Fendrick (Carlsbad, Calif.) and Brooke Hanson (Woodland Hills, Calif.) at 7 p.m. EDT on Saturday.

The top-ranked men’s team of Matt Fuerbringer (Costa Mesa, Calif.) and Nick Lucena (Santa Barbara, Calif.) won both of their Friday matches and will face off against the fourth--seeded team of Billy Allen (Venice, Calif.) and Brad Keenan (Santa Ana, Calif.) at 8 p.m. EDT on Saturday.

The No. 2 men’s team of John Hyden (Sherman Oaks, Calif.) and Sean Scott (Redondo Beach, Calif.) have been dominant in domestic tournaments this summer and that continued on Friday as they defeated both of their opponents in two sets each on Friday. Loomis and Williams will face Hyden and Scott at 6 p.m. on Saturday.

On the women’s side, top-seeded Jen Kessy (San Juan Capistrano, Calif.) and April Ross (Costa Mesa, Calif.) won out on Friday to arrive in the quarterfinals on Saturday where they will play No. 5 Brittany Hochevar (Fowler, Colo.) and Lisa Rutledge (San Diego, Calif.) at approximately 9 p.m. EDT.

Tournament play begins on Saturday morning with teams that suffered a loss on Friday competing to stay alive in the event. Play is scheduled to start at 10:30 a.m. EDT.

The U.S. Open of Beach Volleyball launched in 2007 as a collaborative effort between volleyball legend Karch Kiraly and The Elevation Group, and is joined in 2011 by ReachUSA. USA Volleyball sanctions the tournament and 2011 will be the first year for the event to take place in Cincinnati. More information on the U.S. Open of Beach Volleyball is available at  

2011 U.S. Open of Beach Volleyball Presented by Corona Light
Cincinnati, Ohio
Sept. 1-4, 2011

Men’s Main Draw Tournament Results (Saturday, Sept. 2)

Winner’s Bracket, first round

Matt Fuerbringer, Redondo Beach, Calif. / Nick Lucena, Santa Barbara, Calif. (No. 1-seeded main draw team) d. Brandon Kelly, Indianapolis / William Robbins, Fort Wayne, Ind. (16, No. 2-seeded Qualification team),  21-14, 21-16 (41 minutes) ;
Kevin McColloch, Solana Beach, Calif. / Matt Olson, Carlsbad, Calif. (9) d. Rodrigo Monteiro, Fortaleza, Brazil / Fred Souza, Huntington Beach, Calif. (8), 24-22, 31-33, 15-11 (1:16);
Jesse Rambis, Manhattan Beach, Calif. / Kevin Wong, Honolulu (5) d. Scott Hill, Los Angeles / Everett Matthews, Burbank, Calif. (12), 21-16, 21-19 (:45);
Billy Allen, Venice, Calif. / Brad Keenan, Santa Ana, Calif. (4) d. C.J. Macias, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. / Drew Mallin, Deerfield Beach, Fla. (13), 21-18, 15-21, 15-10 (1:07);
John Mayer, Culver City, Calif. / Matt Prosser, Long Beach, Calif. (3) d. Chris Luers, Morrow, Ohio / Ronnie Mahlerwein, Cincinnati (14, Q1), 21-17, 21-17 (:41);
Ty Loomis, Corona Del Mar, Calif. / Mark Williams, Australia (6) d. Joaquin Acosta, Miami / Ty Tramblie, Newport Beach, Calif. (11), 22-20, 21-13 (:58);
Adrian Carambula, Miami Beach, Fla. / Steven Grotowski, West Palm Beach, Fla. (7) d. Mark Van Zwieten, Pompano Beach, Fla. / Steven VanderWerp, Grand Haven, Mich. (10) 21-12, 21-23, 15-11 (:59)
John Hyden, Sherman Oaks, Calif. / Sean Scott, Redondo Beach, Calif. (2) d. David Fischer, Venice, Calif. / Scott Lane, Redondo Beach, Calif. (15), 21-14, 21-15 (:50).

Winner’s Bracket, second round
Fuerbringer / Lucena (1) d. McColloch / Olson (9), 21-19, 25-23 (1:01);
Allen / Keenan (4) d. Rambis / Wong (5), 21-14, 21-14 (:37);
Loomis / Williams (6) d. Mayer / Prosser (3), 21-18, 21-12 (:44);
Hyden / Scott (2) d. Carambula / Grotowski (7), 21-19, 22-20 (:45).

Women’s Main Draw Tournament Results (Saturday, September 2)

Winner’s Bracket, first round

Jennifer Kessy, San Clemente, Calif. / April Ross, Costa Mesa, Calif. (1) d. Oksana Boukhtina, Dublin, Ohio / Kimberly Harrison, Lewis Center, Ohio (16, Q2), 21-14, 21-9;
Emily Day, Torrance, Calif. / Heather Hughes, Fallbrook, Calif. (8) d. Tealle Hunkus, El Segundo, Calif. / Heather Lowe, Redondo Beach, Calif. (9), 15-21, 21-13, 15-8 (:58);
Brittany Hochevar, Hermosa Beach, Calif. / Lisa Rutledge, San Diego (5) d. Annett Davis, Valencia, Calif. / Priscilla Lima, Redondo Beach, Calif. (12), 21-18, 21-12 (:46);
Jenny Kropp, Hawthorne, Calif. / Whitney Pavlik, Laguna Hills, Calif. (4) d. Jessica Gysin, Manhattan Beach, Calif. / Angela Lewis, Redondo Beach, Calif. (13), 21-16, 21-12 (:46);
Angie Akers, Redondo Beach, Calif. / Nicole Branagh, Torrance, Calif. (3) d. Jenny Johnson Jordan, Wexford, Pa. / Sheila Shaw, Muskegon, Mich. (14), 21-18, 21-11 (:44);
Kristen Batt, Venice, Fla. / Brooke Sweat, Estero, Fla. (6) d. Olaya Pazo, Miami / Kendra Van Zwieten, Coconut Creek, Fla. (11), 21-12, 19-21, 17-15 (:59);
Kathryn Babcock, Kalamazoo, Mich. / Erin Gray, Orland Park, Ill. (10) d. Jennifer Fopma, Bellflower, Calif. / Tracy Jones, Huntington Beach, Calif. (7), 21-16, 21-16 (:50);
Lauren Fendrick, Redondo Beach, Calif. / Brooke Hanson, Ventura, Calif. (2) d. Raquel Beson, East Pointe, Mich. / Capri Grotowski, Boynton Beach, Fla. (15, Q1), 21-19, 21-10 (:37).

Winner’s Bracket, second round
Kessy / Ross (1) d. Day / Hughes (8), 21-13, 21-16 (:43);
Hochevar / Rutledge (5) d. Kropp / Pavlik (4), 21-17, 21-17 (:49);
Batt / Sweat (6) d. Akers / Branagh (3), 23-21, 21-17 (:44);
Fendrick / Hanson (2) d. Babcock / Gray (10), 26-28, 21-10, 15-10 (:58).

Men’s Contenders: Saturday Matches
#8 Rodrigo Monteiro and Fred Souza to play #16 Brandon Kelly and William Robbins
Winner to play #6 Ty Loomis and Mark Williams
#10 Mark Van Zwieten and Steven VanderWerp to play #15 David Fischer and Scott Lane
Winner to play #5 Jesse Rambis and Kevin Wong
#11 Joaquin Acosta and Ty Tramblie to play #14 Chris Luers and Ronnie Mahlerwein
Winner to play #9 Kevin McColloch and Matt Olson
#12 Scott Hill and Everett Matthews to play #13 CJ Macias and Drew Mallin

Women’s Contenders: Saturday Matches
#9 Tealle Hunkus and Heather Lowe play #16 Oksana Boukhtina and Kimberly Harrison
Winner to face #3 Angie Akers and Nicole Branagh
#7 Jennifer Fopma and Tracy Jones play #15 Raquel Beson and Capri Grotowski
Winner to play #4 Jenny Kropp and Whitney Pavlik
#11 Olaya Pazo and Kendra Van Zwieten play #14 Jenny Johnson-Jordan and Sheila Shaw
Winner to play #8 Emily Day and Heather Hughes
#12 Annett Davis and Priscilla Lima play #13 Jessica Gysin and Angela Lewis
Winner to play #10 Kathryn Babcock and Erin Gray