U.S. Women’s A2 Program Rosters Set

May 25, 2011, 4:06 p.m. (ET)

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DALLAS (May 25, 2011) – The 36 players training in the U.S. Women’s National A2 Program have been divided into three, 12-player rosters that will compete in the USA Volleyball Open National Championships to be held May 28 to June 4 at the Dallas Convention Center in Dallas.

The three USA teams are part of the Women’s Open Division bracket, which takes place May 28-31. In preparation for the tournament, the A2 Program has been holding training sessions at the University of Texas at Dallas since May 23.

USA A2 Red will have middle blockers Kelli Fiegen (South Dakota State, Parkston, S.D.), Correy Johnson (California, Winter Park, Fla.) and Alexis Mathews (Michigan State, Detroit). The Red Team’s outside hitters are Kristy Jaeckel (Florida, Littleton, Colo.), Kayla Jeter (Tennessee, Solon, Ohio) and Madison Kingdon (Arizona, Phoenix) and Rachel Krabacher (Dayton, Cincinnati, Ohio). Setters are Kelly Murphy (Florida, Wilmington, Ill.) and Lauren Plum (Oregon, Poway, Calif.), while the opposite is Allegra Wells (Mississippi, Garland, Texas). The liberos are Natalie Hagglund (Southern California, Encinitas, Calif.) and Kelsey Robinson (Tennessee, Bartlett, Ill.). Geoff Carlston, head coach at Ohio State University, will serve as the USA A2 Red head coach. He will be assisted by Kim Jagd and Arizona State University’s Ben Lee.

USA A2 White will have middle blockers Rachael Adams (Texas, Cincinnati, Ohio), Cassandra Anderson (Florida, Bakersfield, Calif.) and Cursty Jackson (Arizona, Los Angeles). The outside hitters are Alaina Bergsma (Oregon, Chandler, Ariz.), Kelsey Black (Texas A&M, Amarillo, Texas), Ashley Frazier (Kentucky, Oregon, Ohio) and Colleen Ward (Illinois, Naperville, Ill.). The opposite is Monique Mead (Georgia Tech, Newnan, Ga.), while the setters are Michelle Kocher (Texas, Wheaton, Ill.) and Carly Thomas (Missouri State, Swansea, Ill.) The liberos are Carly Cramer (Purdue, Martinsville, Ind.) and Carli Weiler (Michigan State, Oak Lawn, Ill.). Kelly Sheffield, head coach at University of Dayton, will serve as head coach for the USA A2 White team. He will be assisted by University of Central Florida assistant coach Michelle Chatman and University of Utah’s Daniel Jones.

The USA A2 Blue has middle blockers Brittney Brimmage (Missouri, East St. Louis, Ill.), Ashley Rhoades (New Mexico, Rio Rancho, N.M.) and Gwen Rucker (Lousiville, Lexington, Ky.). The outside hitters are Ashley Bannister (Texas, Sugar Land, Texas), Tarah Murrey (California, El Cerrito, Calif.) and Ariel Turner (Purdue, Highlands Ranch, Colo.). The opposites are Michelle Bartsch (Illinois, Maryville, Ill.) and Morgan Broekhuis (Nebraska, Colorado Springs, Colo.), while the setters are Brianne Barker (Oklahoma, Amarillo, Texas) and Taylor Brauneis (Louisville, Crystal Lake, Ill.). The liberos are Jennifer Bonilla (Illinois, Reseda, Calif.) and Francesca Silva (Notre Dame, Laguna Nigel, Calif.). Fran Floy, the head coach at LSU, will serve as the head coach for the USA A2 Blue team. She will be assisted by Brian Hosfeld and University of North Texas assistant coach Diego Castaneda.

The USA Volleyball Open National Championships has a total of 534 teams competing in various skill and age-group divisions for both genders. A total of 26 titles will be awarded in the various brackets, in addition to a Special Olympics Unified bracket.

For more information on the USA Volleyball Open National Championships, click here. For results and detailed schedules for each bracket, click here.

In addition to the USA Volleyball Open National Championships at the Dallas Convention Center, USA Volleyball is currently in Dallas holding its Annual Meetings at the Sheraton Dallas Downtown. Among the signature events of the Annual Meetings are the USA Volleyball Congress, the Dorothy C. Boyce Awards and Recognition Dinner on Thursday, May 26. While the Dr. Harold T. Friermood “Frier” Award, the top honor presented by USA Volleyball, is secret until its announcement, other Boyce Banquet award recipients are known at this time. Jack Henn and John Alstrom will receive the Tom Haine All-Time Great Player Award. Mike Hebert will be presented with the Donald S. Shondell All-Time Great Coach Award in the contemporary division, while Ruth Nelson will be honored with the Bertha H. Lucas All-Time Great Coach Award in the pioneer division. Russ Rose and Steve Crane will receive the George J. Fisher Leader in Volleyball award, while Chuck Erbe will be honored with the James E. Coleman USA National Team award.

USA A2 Red
Jersey – Name (School, Position, Ht, College Eligibility Remaining, Hometown)
5 - Kelli Fiegen (South Dakota State, MB, 6-3, 2, Parkston, S.D.)
16 - Natalie Hagglund (Southern California, L, 5-9, 3, Encinitas, Calif.)
25 - Kristy Jaeckel (Florida, OH, 6-2, 1, Littleton, Colo.)
14 - Kayla Jeter (Tennessee, OH, 5-11, 1, Solon, Ohio)
13 - Correy Johnson (California, MB, 6-4, 2, Winter Park, Fla.)
12 - Madison Kingdon (Arizona, OH, 6-0, 4, Phoenix, Ariz.)
22 - Rachel Krabacher (Dayton, OH, 6-4, 2, Cincinnati, Ohio)
24 - Alexis Mathews (Michigan State, MB, 6-4, 3, Detroit, Mich.)
23 - Kelly Murphy (Florida, S, 6-2, 1, Wilmington, Ill.)
32 - Lauren Plum (Oregon, S, 5-9, 3, Poway, Calif.)
8 - Kelsey Robinson (Tennessee, L, 6-2, 3, Bartlett, Ill.)
35 - Allegra Wells (Mississippi, OPP, 6-1, 2, Garland, Texas)
Head Coach: Geoff Carlston (Ohio State University)
Assistant Coaches: Kim Jagd and Ben Lee (Arizona State)

USA A2 White
Jersey – Name (School, Position, Ht, College Eligibility Remaining, Hometown)
19 - Rachael Adams (Texas, MB, 6-2, 1, Cincinnati, Ohio)
31 - Cassandra Anderson (Florida, MB, 6-1, 1, Bakersfield, Calif.)
28 - Alaina Bergsma (Oregon, OH, 6-3, 2, Chandler, Ariz.)
18 - Kelsey Black (Texas A&M, OH, 5-11, 1, Amarillo, Texas)
1 - Carly Cramer (Purdue, L, 5-6, 2, Martinsville, Ind.)
6 - Ashley Frazier (Kentucky, OH, 6-1, 2, Oregon, Ohio)
15 - Cursty Jackson (Arizona, MB, 6-1, 1, Los Angeles, Calif.)
11 - Michelle Kocher (Texas, S, 5-10, 1, Wheaton, Ill.)
10 - Monique Mead (Georgia Tech, OPP, 5-9, 2, Newnan, Ga.)
3 - Carly Thomas (Missouri State, S, 5-11, 3, Swansea, Ill.)
21 - Colleen Ward (Illinois, OH, 6-3, 1, Naperville, Ill.)
20 - Carli Weiler (Michigan State, L, 5-4, 1, Oak Lawn, Ill.)
Head Coach: Kelly Sheffield (University of Dayton)
Assistant Coaches: Michelle Chatman (Central Florida) and Daniel Jones (Utah)

USA A2 Blue
Jersey – Name (School, Position, Ht, College Eligibility Remaining, Hometown)
30 - Ashley Bannister (Texas, OH, 6-1, 3, Sugar Land, Texas)
29 - Brianne Barker (Oklahoma, S, 5-9, 1, Amarillo, Texas)
33 - Michelle Bartsch (Illinois, OPP, 6-4, 1, Maryville, Ill.)
17- Jennifer Bonilla (Illinois, L, 5-9, 3, Reseda, Calif.)
4 - Taylor Brauneis (Louisville, S, 5-10, 3, Crystal Lake, Ill.)
27 - Brittney Brimmage (Missouri, MB, 6-3, 1, East St. Louis, Ill.)
26 - Morgan Broekhuis (Nebraska, OPP, 6-5, 3, Colorado Springs, Colo.)
36 - Tarah Murrey (California, OH, 6-3, 1, El Cerrito, Calif.)
9 - Ashley Rhoades (New Mexico, MB, 5-11, 1, Rio Rancho, N.M.)
7 - Gwen Rucker (Louisville, MB, 6-2, 1, Lexington, Ky.)
2 - Francesca Silva (Notre Dame, L, 5-3, 1, Laguna Nigel, Calif.)
34 - Ariel Turner (Purdue, OH, 6-1, 2, Highlands Ranch, Colo.)
Head Coach: Fran Flory (LSU)
Assistant Coaches: Brian Hosfeld and Diego Castaneda (North Texas)

USA Volleyball Open National Championships Bracket Schedule

Open and Club Schedule (Skill Level)
Open Women: May 28-31
Open Men: May 28-31
AA - Women: June 1-4
AA - Men: June 1-4
A - Women: June 1-4
A - Men: June 1-4
BB - Women: May 28-31
BB - Men: May 28-31
B - Women: May 28-31
B - Men: May 28-31

Masters and Seniors (Age Divisions)
40+ - Women: May 28-31
45+ - Men: June 1-4
45+ - Women: June 1-4
50+ - Men: May 28-31
50+ - Women: May 28-31
55+ - Men: June 1-4
55+ - Women: June 1-4
60+ - Men: May 28-31
60+ - Women: May 28-31
65+ - Men: June 1-4
65+ - Women: June 1-4
70+ - Women: May 29-31
75+ - Men: June 1-3

Reverse BB/B: June 1-2
Regular BB/B: June 3-4

U-Volley (Height Restricted)
Women (Under 5-9): June 1-2

Special Olympics Unified: May 28-29