Tuesday Tips for the Coaches of Chaos 5.10.11

May 10, 2011, 5:07 p.m. (ET)

Coaching Behaviour: Last night I did a final IMPACT webinar, and at some point we talk about the “TV Test” aka the “Grandma Test” or the “YouTube” test – as in, would you want your action to be seen on TV, YouTube or have your grandmother hear about it?  In this day and age of smart phone videos, very little is not getting recorded. This coach’s actions shows what could happen again in volleyball. Click here for the video.

Cascade Failure… Thanks to Carl McGown, a look at the statistics and perceptions of streaks and more in baseball. Click here

The Psychology of Choking - Click here

Kinetic Typography: This is an interesting form of storytelling…so here are my favorites…Video One - Video Two

Who’s on first - Click here for Video

Monty Python witch - Click here for Video

Rollin Justin the Robot and Friends: So how long until a rebounding volleyball version is available to use as a sub.  The pitching robot sets much like a beginner, short of the mark… Video One - Video Two - Video Three

Ohio Competitive Sports Balance Issue: A lot of thought and discussion on the topic over the years compiled into this one set of stories done by the Dayton Daily News.  Sharing with all in the volleyball family, as your state may be dealing with these issues as budget cuts and programming changes come forward…

May 3 Dayton Daily News - High Schools to Vote on Competitive Balance Sports Issue

May 2 Dayton Daily News - OHSAA Boundary Proposal Has Schools Choosing Sides

May 3 Dayton Daily News - Competitive Balance Proposal Would Give Boost to Poor Districts

May 4 Dayton Daily News - Many Winning Programs Feel They're Being Punished for Success

May 5 Dayton Daily News - In DI Football, It Is a Numbers Game

May 6 Dayton Daily News Blog - Voting and Debate Continues on OHSAA Competitive Balance Proposal

Volleyball Sport for a Lifetime: Thanks to Bill Kauffman at USAV, this link to seniors playing balloon volleyball shows the circle of life from minivolley to seniorvolley…Click here

Talking Volleyball Animals: OK, can someone please make a volleyball coach/player version of one of these…thanks to Cecile Reynaud for reminding me about how funny the talking animals channel can be...Click here

Thanks to all for your help in growing the game – especially today’s AVCA assistant coaches conference call group, who hopefully learned about some new resources we have at USAV to help them be the best teachers they can be. Email me at john.kessel@usav.org if you have any links or articles we should share with the volleyball family.