Tuesday Tips for the Coaches of Chaos 5.3.11

May 03, 2011, 2:45 p.m. (ET)

Jimi and Melissa

So I am sitting in the U.S. Olympic Training Center Aquatics 006 room in Colorado Springs, and there is a huge picture of Jimi Flowers and Melissa Stockwell at the Beijing Olympic Natatorium during the 2008 Paralympics. The loss of Jimi to a mountain climbing accident almost two years ago (you may remember in my blog “Landslide” ) still is painful to me. You likely saw a minute clip of Melissa during the NCAA Men’s Final Four, during the Hartford “Achieve Without Limits” commercials it ran. Well, these two clips are worth watching, and sharing with your team as the season ends or for summer camps. Click here for the first video clip and click here for the second video clip.

Potential Through Language

Dan Coyle sent me this, “on the other end of the spectrum….ID mindset/potential through language.” To read the article, click here.

Initial Ability vs. Final Ability

Ok, 10,000 hours starting like Tiger and this kid is a bit easier to achieve....clever contract move the best part of it is you can see deliberate practice going on at a very early age. Talk about grassroots…Dutch club VVV-Venlo sign 1-year-old child…To see the video and article, click here.

Fortune Teller!

In Celebration of Mother's Day and National Osteoporosis Awareness Month, the National Osteoporosis Council  and Best Bones Forever! shared this Origami Fortune Teller game for girls. A fun bone health education game. Check it out by clicking here.

So Who is Their Coach?

Those of you who have seen me speak in person likely have seen some of my “how did you learn to ride a bike” concept and video clips. These four are new ones I have added to the concept and lectures…and again I ask you…so who is their coach? Video Clip 1...Video Clip 2...Video Clip 3...Video Clip 4.

Time Lapse of Canadian Volleyball Provincial Championships

Jason Trepanier was kind enough, and proud enough, to share this time lapse of the Ontario VB Federation Championships, from set up and beyond. A great insight into what it takes to stage a qualifier or other  Sport Court/Convention Center event. To view the clip, click here.

Having seen that, for those wondering what the start of each day looks like at a USAV Nationals, this video I created was in my blog on 100 Years of VB Secrets from last summer, gives you a sense, in less than two minutes.

Largest Astroturf Purchase Site - and VOLLEYBALL Courts Galore too!

If that intrigued you...check out the Spire Institute in Geneva, Ohio, where Norm Potter works and just shared this story... Cody trained there last summer with the men's junior national A2 team, and it is quite a place....This article is worth the read for sure methinks.

Stephanie and Samantha Castleberry – Special Olympic Volleyball Twins

Last, but not least, is this segment on two very unique Special Olympians from last summer.  I really did not do the week Cody and I spent working the Special Olympic National Games enough writing, so wanted to make sure you did not miss these two clips. Steph and Sam may be short, but they make up for it in their attitude, hustle and passion for the game we all love – and they can sign American Sign Language 10x better than I can. To see the video, click here. For an overview of the whole volleyball competition, click here

Deaflympic Men's Training Camp

Remember all, when you see a deaf volleyball player, signing or just with double hearing aids perhaps, make sure they know about the USA Deaflympic program for men and women. This weekend, the men are coming to town, to the OTC to train and tryout. Check out this link to learn more about this Affiliated Organization of USA Volleyball.

That’s it for this Tuesday, one that closes out a week of Best Practices, NORCECA Board of Administration and Paralympic Leadership Conferencing all in Colorado Springs….next up, the U.S. Men's Deaflympic team hopefuls are here in town training at the OTC all day Saturday and Sunday

Hopefully all of you know about the "Volleyball Extravaganza" going on this weekend at Penn State. But to be sure, simply click Volleyball Extravaganza in the previous sentence, and hope to see you there!