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U.S. Women’s National Team Open Tryout Roster

Feb. 17, 2011, 7:27 p.m. (ET)

Bill Kauffman
Manager, Media Relations and Publications
Phone: 719-228-6800

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (Feb. 17, 2011) – USA Volleyball has a record 208 athletes signed up to participate in open tryouts for the U.S. Women’s National Team, U.S. Women’s National A2 Program and U.S. Women’s Junior National Team. The tryouts will take place Feb. 25-27, 2011, in Sports Center II at the U.S. Olympic Training Center (USOTC) in Colorado Springs, Colo.

The U.S. Women’s National Team coaching staff – including head coach Hugh McCutcheon (Christchurch, New Zealand) and assistant coaches Karch Kiraly (San Clemente, Calif.) and Paula Weishoff (Irvine, Calif.) – will take part in the evaluation oversight process.

Among the 208 tryout participants representing 81 different colleges are 57 outside hitters, 52 middle blockers, 46 liberos, 27 setters and 26 opposites. A total of 65 athletes are also eligible to be evaluated as U.S. Women’s Junior National Team prospects.

The 2010 U.S. Women’s National Team Open Tryouts attracted a then-record 174 participants.

The 2011 tryouts are open to current college-age athletes and older. The U.S. Women’s National Team program is open to athletes who have concluded their college eligibility and who wish to train full-time. This program could begin as early as March 2011, or when an athlete’s scholastic or professional club season has concluded. Athletes who will have remaining collegiate eligibility may still participate in the program with participation beginning May 2011 or when their scholastic calendar ends.

Athletes in college with collegiate eligibility remaining for the 2011 season and not selected to the USA Women’s National Team may be invited to participate in the U.S. Women’s National Senior A2 Team. This program is tentatively scheduled to take place in Dallas from May 23 through June 1. A projected 36 athletes will be invited to participate in the program, which will include training and competition in the 2010 USA Volleyball Open National Championships in the Open Division from May 28-31. USA Volleyball considers the event as the National Championship for the sport of volleyball in the United States.

Tryout participants born in either 1992 or 1993 will be also considered for the U.S. Women’s Junior National Team program. The U.S. Women’s Junior National Team will compete in the FIVB Women’s Junior (U-20) World Championship to be held July 21-30 in Peru.

Other tryout staff personnel are Ben Boldt (University of Iowa), Rob Browning (Saint Mary’s College-California), Dani Busboom (University of Louisville), Steve Colpus (Matchpoint VBC), Todd Dagenais (University of Central Florida), Brittany Dildine (University of Dayton), MJ Engstrom (University at Albany), Cathy George (Michigan State University), Kevin Hambly (University of Illinois), Mark Herrin (Austin Performance), Kathy Jewell (Purdue University), Jill Kramer (West Virginia University), Matt McShane (Air Force Academy), Dan Meske (University of Nebraska), Santiago Restrepo (University of Oklahoma) and Jon Stevenson (Cal Poly), Jim Stone (USA Volleyball High Performance pipeline), Erik Sullivan (University of Texas), Marc Swindle (Air Force Academy), Daryl Tamashiro (Oahu VBC), Ed Tolentinio (Georgia Tech), Jason Watson (Arizona State University), Mary Wise (University of Florida) and Brian Wright (University of Texas).

^ Denotes athletes eligible for U.S. Women's Junior National Team

Middle Blockers (52)
Name (Position, College/High School, Height, College Years Left)
Rachael Adams (Middle Blocker, University of Texas, 6-2, 1)
Sandra Adeleye (Middle Blocker, Clemson University, 6-0, 2)
Cassandra Anderson (Middle Blocker, University of Florida, 6-1, 1)
Brittney Brimmage (Middle Blocker, University of Missouri, 6-3, 1)
Jessica Brown (Middle Blocker, Western Michigan, 5-11, 2)
Tori Brummett (Middle Blocker, Colorado State University, 6-3, 3)
^ Haley Cameron (Middle Blocker, University of Texas, 6-3, 3)
^ Megan Campbell (Middle Blocker, University of Dayton, 6-1, 3)
^ Samantha Cash (Middle Blocker, N/A, 6-3, 4)
^ Tetori Dixon (Middle Blocker, University of Minnesota, 6-4, 3)
^ Katherine Dutchman (Middle Blocker, Northwestern University, 6-0, 4)
Hilary Eppink (Middle Blocker, University of Notre Dame, 6-2, 2)
^ Chloe Ferrari (Middle Blocker, University of San Diego, 6-1, 3)
Kelli Fiegen (Middle Blocker, South Dakota State University, 6-3, 2)
Sareea Freeman (Middle Blocker, Florida State University, 6-3, 2)
Deedee Harrison (Middle Blocker, University of Tennessee, 6-4, 2)
Lexie Hartnett (Middle Blocker, Ohio University, 6-2, 3)
Brittany Hewitt (Middle Blocker, University of Hawaii, 6-3, 2)
^ Katherine Hoekman (Middle Blocker, University of San Diego, 6-0, 3)
^ Madelyn Hutson (Middle Blocker, University of Texas, 6-5, 4)
Cursty Jackson (Middle Blocker, University of Arizona, 6-1, 1)
Correy Johnson (Middle Blocker, University of California-Berkeley, 6-4, 2)
Gabrielle Jolly (Middle Blocker, Saint Mary's College of California, 5-11, 2)
Jennifer Keddy (Middle Blocker, Cal Poly, 6-4, 2)
Alex Kelly (Middle Blocker, Lipscomb University, 6-1, 0)
Chrissy Knuth (Middle Blocker, North Dakota State University, 6-0, 1)
Alysa Long (Middle Blocker, East Tennessee State University, 5-10, 0)
^ Natalie Loos (Middle Blocker, Saint Mary's College of California, 6-1, 3)
^ Madison Mahaffey (Middle Blocker, Vestavia Hills High School, 6-4, 4)
Alexis Mathews (Middle Blocker, Michigan State University, 6-4, 3)
^ Sallie McLaurin (Middle Blocker, University of Oklahoma, (6-2, 3)
Alexis Mitchell (Middle Blocker, University of Wisconsin, 6-0, 2)
Katie Murphy (Middle Blocker, Samford University, 6-3, 3)
Ashley Neff (Middle Blocker, Florida State University, 6-3, 3)
Brieon Paige (Middle Blocker, Colorado State University, 6-1, 2)
^ Aubree Piper (Middle Blocker, Texas Tech University, 6-1, 3)
Katie Post (Middle Blocker, Ohio University, 6-2, 1)
Stacy Qualizza (Middle Blocker, Indiana State University, 6-1, 1)
Jenilee Rathje (Middle Blocker, Michigan State University, 5-11, 1)
Ashley Rhoades (Middle Blocker, University of New Mexico, 5-11, 1)
Erica Richardson (Middle Blocker, N/A, 5-8, 0)
Gwen Rucker (Middle Blocker, University of Louisville, 6-2, 1)
Kaitlyn Schultz (Middle Blocker, Central Michigan University, 6-4, 1)
Karly Sipherd (Middle Blocker, University of Nevada-Reno, 6-0, 0)
^ Lauren Teknipp (Middle Blocker, N/A, 6-2, 4)
^ Dominique Thompson (Middle Blocker, University of Wisconsin, 5-11, 3)
^ Brittany Tillman (Middle Blocker, Washington State University, 6-2, 0)
Chandace Tryon (Middle Blocker, University of Houston, 6-0, 2)
Ashley Turnage (Middle Blocker, Western Michigan University, 6-0, 1)
Erica Wilson (Middle Blocker, Arizona State University, 6-0, 2)
^ Carly Wopat (Middle Blocker, Stanford University, 6-3, 3)
Casey Wright (Middle Blocker, University at Albany, 6-2, 1)

Outside Hitters (57)
Name (Position, College/High School, Height, College Years Left)
Gillian Asque (Outside Hitter, Western Michigan University, 5-11, 3)
Ashley Bannister (Outside Hitter, University of Texas, 6-1, 3)
Alaina Bergsma (Outside Hitter, University of Oregon, 6-3, 2)
Kelsey Black (Outside Hitter, Texas A&M University, 5-11, 1)
^ Helen Boyle (Outside Hitter, N/A, 5-11, 4)
Mbebui Chafeh (Outside Hitter, Cal State-San Bernardino, 5-10, 0)
Lauren Corp (Outside Hitter, Saint Mary’s College of California, 6-0, 2)
Morgan Dall (Outside Hitter, Indiana State University, 6-0, 2)
^ Caitlin DeWitt (Outside Hitter, N/A, 5-10, 4)
Amanda Dowdy (Outside Hitter, Texas Tech University, 6-3, 1)
Ashley Frazier (Outside Hitter, University of Kentucky, 6-1, 2)
Megan Ganzer (Outside Hitter, Washington State University, 6-3, 1)
^ Adrienne Gehan (Outside Hitter, University of California-Berkeley, 6-3, 3)
^ Rachel Gillcrist (Outside Hitter, Saint Mary's College of California, 5-11, 4)
Alexandra Gossen (Outside Hitter, Western Michigan University, 6-0, 3)
^ Crystal Graff (Outside Hitter, University of Wisconsin, 6-3, 4)
Altrese Hawkins (Outside Hitter, University of Memphis, 5-11, 2)
Megan Hendrickson (Outside Hitter, Duke University, 6-0, 2)
^ Lisa Henning (Outside Hitter, University of Missouri, 6-0, 3)
Amanda Hill (Outside Hitter, Charleston Southern University, 5-7, 0)
^ Stephanie Holthus (Outside Hitter, Northwestern University, 5-11, 3)
Bailey Hunter (Outside Hitter, Georgia Tech, 5-11, 1)
Kristy Jaeckel (Outside Hitter, University of Florida, 6-2, 1)
Kayla Jeter (Outside Hitter, University of Tennessee, 5-11, 1)
Brynn Joki (Outside Hitter, North Dakota State University, 6-1, 2)
^ Emily Juhl (Outside Hitter, University of Louisville, 5-11, 3)
Rachel Kidder (Outside Hitter, UCLA, 6-3, 2)
^ Madison Kingdon (Outside Hitter, University of Arizona, 6-0, 4)
Rachel Krabacher (Outside Hitter, University of Dayton, 6-3, 2)
Gina Mancuso (Outside Hitter, University of Nebraska, 6-1, 2)
Allison Mayfield (Outside Hitter, University of Kansas, 6-0, 1)
^ Andrea McHugh (Outside Hitter, Notre Dame, 5-10, 3)
^ Danica Mendivil (Outside Hitter, N/A, 6-0, 3)
^ Katie Mitchell (Outside Hitter, N/A, 6-2, 4)
Tarah Murrey (Outside Hitter, University of California-Berkeley, 6-3, 1)
Elizabeth Neisler (Outside Hitter, Samford University, 6-1, 2)
Jasmine Norton (Outside Hitter, University of Arkansas, 5-10, 2)
^ Jazmine Orozco (Outside Hitter, University of Illinois, 6-1, 3)
Analaine Pelaez (Outside Hitter, Southern Utah University, 5-10, 2)
Jodi Purdy (Outside Hitter, University of Wyoming, 5-10, 2)
^ Kelly Reeves (Outside Hitter, UCLA, 6-0, 3)
Emma Ridley (Outside Hitter, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, 5-11, 0)
^ Kelsey Robinson (Outside Hitter, University of Tennessee, 6-2, 3)
^ Mollie Rogers (Outside Hitter, N/A, 6-1, 4)
Elizabeth Serra-Hsu (Outside Hitter, Colorado School of Mines, 5-11, 0)
^ Jordan Shaw (Outside Hitter, Saint Mary’s College of California, 5-11, 3)
^ Taylor Simpson (Outside Hitter, University Of Nebraska, 6-3, 4)
Kimberly Smisek (Outside Hitter, St. Olaf College, 6-1, 0)
^ Malina Terrell (Outside Hitter, University of San Francisco, 5-10, 3)
Bojana Todorovic (Outside Hitter, UCLA, 5-11, 2)
Devin Trefz (Outside Hitter, University of North Dakota, 6-1, 1)
Ariel Turner (Outside Hitter, Purdue, 6-1, 2)
^ Nicole Walch (Outside Hitter, N/A, 6-2, 4)
Colleen Ward (Outside Hitter, University of Illinois, 6-3, 1)
Kelly Williamson (Outside Hitter, University of New Mexico, 6-2, 1)
^ Ashley Wittman (Outside Hitter, University of Minnesota, 6-1, 3)
^ Samantha Wopat (Outside Hitter, Stanford University, 6-1, 3)

Opposites (26)
Name (Position, College/High School, Height, College Years Left)
Kyndra Abron (Opposite, Michigan State University, 6-3, 1)
Rachel Barber (Opposite, University of New Mexico, 6-1, 2)
Michelle Bartsch (Opposite, University of Illinois, 6-4, 1)
^ Rachael Bedell (Opposite, University of Iowa, 6-1, 3)
Ashlie Christenson (Opposite, Baylor University, 6-0, 0)
Leslie Cikra (Opposite, University of Tennessee, 6-4, 2)
Katherine Harms (Opposite, University of Minnesota, 6-2, 2)
Courtney Karst (Opposite, University of Arizona, 6-1, 1)
Michelle Kopecky (Opposite, West Virginia University, 6-1, 1)
YVonne Marten (Opposite, University of Dayton, 6-2, 1)
Meghan Matusiak (Opposite, Seton Hall University, 6-0, 1)
^ Elizabeth McMahon (Opposite, N/A, 6-6, 4)
Monique Mead (Opposite, Georgia Tech, 5-9, 2)
Kelly Murphy (Opposite, University of Florida, 6-2, 1)
^ Chaniel Nelson (Opposite, University of North Carolina, 6-2, 4)
Stephanie Nwachukwu (Opposite, University of Houston, 5-9, 2)
Chantale Riddle (Opposite, University of New Mexico, 6-0, 4)
Katie Schuette (Opposite, Central Michigan University, 5-11, 2)
^ Moneshia Simmons (Opposite, Clemson University, 6-0, 3)
Hayley Spelman (Opposite, Stanford University, 6-6, 2)
Shelby Staab (Opposite, University of San Diego, 6-4, 2)
Kelli Stipanovich (Opposite, University of Arkansas, 6-1, 1)
Traci Vandegrift (Opposite, University at Albany, 6-0, 3)
^ Elise Walch (Opposite, N/A, 6-5, 3)
Allegra Wells (Opposite, University of Mississippi, 6-1, 2)
Ellyce Youngren (Opposite, South Dakota State University, 6-2, 1)

Setters (27)
Name (Position, College/High School, Height, College Years Left)
Mariah Agre (Setter, University of New Mexico, 5-10, 3)
^ Rachel Alvey (Setter, University of San Diego, 5-8, 3)
Brianne Barker (Setter, University of Oklahoma, 5-9, 1)
Eleesha Barrett (Setter, University of California-Berkeley, 5-11, 2)
Taylor Brauneis (Setter, University of Louisville, 5-10, 3)
Morgan Broekhuis (Setter, University of Nebraska, 6-5, 3)
^ Ciara Brown (Setter, Virginia Commonwealth University, 6-0, 3)
Joan Caloiaro (Setter, University of San Francisco, 5-11, 3)
Natalie Emro (Setter, Michigan State University, 6-2, 1)
Janelle Gabrielsen (Setter, University of Wisconsin, 6-1, 1)
^ Micha Hancock (Setter, Tulsa University, 5-11, 4)
Catherine Highmark (Setter, Arizona State University, 5-10, 1)
^ Madison Kamp (Setter, N/A, 6-1, 4)
Michelle Kocher (Setter, University of Texas, 5-10, 1)
^ Hannah Kvitle (Setter, Saint Louis University, 5-10, 3)
Jennifer Lopez (Setter, North Dakota State University, 5-10, 1)
Annie Luhrsen (Setter, University of Illinois, 5-11, 2)
Breann Nesselhuf (Setter, Boise State University, 5-9, 1)
Terin Norris (Setter, Western Michigan University, 5-9, 4)
Breann Payton (Setter, University of Northern Iowa, 5-9, 1)
^ Lauren Plum (Setter, University of Oregon, 5-9, 3)
^ Kylann Scheidt (Setter, University of Tennessee, 6-0, 3)
^ Kamryn Sherman (Setter, Clemson University, 5-10, 4)
^ Carly Thomas (Setter, Missouri State University, 5-11, 3)
Denise Van de Mortel (Setter, Gonzaga University, 5-10, 1)
Lauren Van Orden (Setter, UCLA, 5-11, 1)
Melissa White (Setter, Saint Mary's College of California, 6-1, 1)

Liberos (46)
Name (Position, College/High School, Height, College Years Left)
Shay Birath (Libero, South Dakota State University, 5-7, 2)
^ Jennifer Bonilla (Libero, University of Illinois, 5-9, 3)
Allison Buck (Libero, University of New Mexico, 5-7, 1)
Carly Cramer (Libero, Purdue, 5-6, 2)
^ Lara Dykstra (Libero, University of Nebraska, 5-10, 4)
^ Brooke Fournier (Libero, University of Arkansas, 5-8, 3)
Chelsea Gates (Libero, Marymount University, 5-7, 0)
Lainey Gera (Libero, UCLA, 5-7, 1)
Kaylie Gibson (Libero, University of North Carolina, 5-2, 1)
Jessica Granquist (Libero, University of Minnesota, 5-9, 1)
^ Natalie Hagglund (Libero, University of Southern California, 5-9, 3)
^ Jade Hayes (Libero, University of Missouri, 6-0, 4)
^ Annemarie Hickey (Libero, University of Wisconsin, 5-8, 3)
Haley Jacob (Libero, University of Oregon, 5-6, 2)
Kiya James (Libero, Indiana State University, 5-5, 1)
Stephanie Klefot (Libero, University of Kentucky, 5-6, 2)
Jessica LaScola (Libero, Northeastern University, 5-8, 0)
Kim Maroon (Libero, Villanova University, 5-8, 1)
Ali McCurdy (Libero, Duke University, 5-5, 3)
^ Kaitlin Mosher (Libero, Florida State University, 5-9, 4)
Meredith Murphy (Libero, University of Central Florida, 5-9, 2)
^ Micah Nolan (Libero, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, 5-7, 3)
Lena Oliver (Libero, Western Michigan University, 5-5, 3)
^ Sarah Palmer (Libero, University of Texas, 5-10, 3)
Kelly Pang (Libero, Washington University in St. Louis, 5-1, 2)
Megan Pendergast (Libero, University of Nebraska, 5-6, 2)
Stephanie Preach (Libero, Arizona State University, 5-9, 3)
^ Sarah Reams (Libero, Saint Mary's College of California, 5-9, 3)
Stevi Robinson (Libero, Pepperdine University, 5-6, 1)
Serinna Russo (Libero, West Virginia University, 5-10, 1)
Anna Schroeder (Libero, Saint Mary's College of California, 5-7, 2)
Francesca Silva (Libero, University of Notre Dame, 5-3, 1)
Jordyn Skinner (Libero, Western Kentucky University, 5-10, 2)
Annika Smed (Libero, University of North Dakota, 6-0, 1)
Morgan Springer (Libero, University of Mississippi, 5-7, 1)
Elizabeth Sweeney (Libero, Western Michigan University, 5-6, 2)
Lisa Tobiczyk (Libero, Ferris State University, 5-8, 1)
Taylor Unroe (Libero, University of Florida, 5-7, 4)
Amy Vanni (Libero, Fresno Pacific University, 5-5, 0)
Paige Vargas (Libero, University of Dayton, 5-7, 2)
Jackie Vincent (Libero, Texas Tech University, 5-6, 0)
^ Alyssa Warren (Libero, Seton Hall University, 5-9, 3)
Carli Weiler (Libero, Michigan State University, 5-4, 1)
^ Caitlin Welch (Libero, University of Louisville, 5-4, 3)
Courtney Whittleman (Libero, Houston Baptist University, 5-8, 1)
^ Bethany Yeager (Libero, University of Iowa, 5-7, 3)

U.S. Women's National Team Staff
Hugh McCutcheon (U.S. Women’s National Team Head Coach)
Karch Kiraly (U.S. Women’s National Team Assistant Coach)
Paula Weishoff (U.S. Women’s National Team Assistant Coach)
Jill Wosmek (U.S. Women’s National Team Medical Trainer)
Jenna Ashton (Medical Trainer)

Support Staff
Ben Boldt (University of Iowa)
Rob Browning (Saint Mary’s College, California)
Dani Busboom (University of Louisville)
Steve Colpus (Matchpoint VBC)
Denise Corlett (Stanford University)
Todd Dagenais (University of Central Florida)
Brittany Dildine (University of Dayton)
MJ Engstrom (University at Albany)
Cathy George (Michigan State University)
Kevin Hambly (University of Illinois)
Mark Herrin (Austin Performance)
Heath Hoke (USA Volleyball High Performance Coordinator)
Kathy Jewell (Purdue University)
Jill Kramer (West Virginia University)
Matt McShane (Air Force Academy)
Dan Meske (University of Nebraska)
Tom Pingel (USA Volleyball High Performance Managing Director)
Santiago Restrepo (University of Oklahoma)
Jon Stevenson (Cal Poly)
Jim Stone (USA Volleyball High Performance Pipeline)
Erik Sullivan (University of Texas)
Marc Swindle (Air Force Academy)
Daryl Tamashiro (Oahu VBC)
Ed Tolentino (Georgia Tech)
Jason Watson (Arizona State University)
Mary Wise (University of Florida)
Brian Wright (University of Texas)