Inclusion Through Sitting Volleyball

Aug. 25, 2011, 1:43 p.m. (ET)

Many readers know of my passion for the disabled side of our sport – from Paralympic to Special Olympics.  Some recent news is that the World Games for the Special Olympics will be in Los Angeles in 2015 so start planning, and I will be serving on the Jury at the 2012 London Paralympics for Sitting Volleyball, marking 28 years of doing these Summer Games in some capacity, since my first work with the 1984 Games in Los Angeles.  So with that in mind, I wanted to ask each junior volleyball and Paralympic Sports Club to consider including Sitting Volleyball in your outreach, training and programming.

To make it easier, here is the material we have to help you make it happen. Remember, that in the majority of sitting programs around the world, the athletes are NOT disabled, but instead choose to play the game without jumping. Making it easier is the fact that there are only four major rule variations between the Olympic and the Paralympic game – can you name those four?  Well we have the material below to do just that, and get your kids to play with disabled kids, or to have your whole junior team train more with using their hands and getting their upper body into better shape!  This blog simply shares the core resource material we have created at USA Volleyball to help you.

1. I’m a New Coach -   This section of the grassroots button has some vital articles to read so that the start of your program is a success, including the free Minivolley book which has both a chapter on sitting volleyball, as well as tons of training, warm up, cool down and scoring ideas.

2. Sitting Volleyball Webinar – Attached and linked below is the current webinar/powerpoint – we will be doing another one this season free to all attendees.

3. Sitting Skills Poster – Click here to download then take to print and post on your gym wall.  

4. Youth Coloring Book – whether you have younger players in the program, or are working with disabled adults, the book has several sitting volleyball cartoons for coloring, so an athlete’s children or extended family members can join in having fun with this version of the game, and all other versions. 

5. Sitting Volleyball International and USA Team Skill Poster Sets -  We have created 24 posters – six USA men, six USA women, six International men and six international women from the thousands of photos I took during the 2010 World Championships in Oklahoma

6. Get Sitting Volleyball Videos – contact so he can use “WeTransfer” to send you key videos from USA and international play to watch and use in your program.

7. Read the Newest Rulebook – the 2011-12 version is linked below and attached to this blog.

8. Contact Elliot Blake – He is on staff to help you create and connect your program to USA Volleyball and all the resources and events available.  To see much of this material which applies to all versions of the sport, go to the Grassroots page and start looking around!

Elliot Blake

Sitting Volleyball and Athlete Recruitment Coordinator

USA Volleyball / University of Central Oklahoma

100 North University Drive, Box 99

Edmond, Oklahoma 73034

Office - 405-974-3153

Fax - 405-974-3808

So, download the minivolley book, and start planning some great play and practices.  Let us know how things go!