Promoting Volleyball

April 20, 2011, 1:44 p.m. (ET)

Promoting volleyball is a duty of every coach and player. Luckily, we have a great lifetime sport to share with others.

There are lots of material on the USAV website, including the handout on "Why USAV is the Right Choice," and the "Volleyball Basics Guide." Articles like "How to Stage a Successful Youth Clinic," and the whole blog on Youth and Minivolleyball, including the book Minivolley, can help you get things started off right for the younger ages.

While doing a recent clinic in the Dominican Republic that USA Volleyball developed with the help of a U.S. State Department grant, we shared with over 50 coaches from five nations how to grow the game for not just indoor, but for beach, sitting and Special Olympic versions. The one thing that the rest of the world has, where American Football is not played, is that many of their top male athletes choose to play volleyball. Here in the USA, the game is still too often seen as a girls' sport. So with the help of my intern and son Cody, we are listing here some top clips to show to parents and boys alike, so they can see the power and dynamism found in the game for boys and men. 

133 Digs in three minutes

Born 7/31/1993

Best setters of the world

Dramatic Black and White 2008 Olympics Highlights

HD Olympic Highlights 2008

Best 2008 Olympic spikes



USA Guys…






Remember also that we need to teach hitting first. Kyle Salisbury, Cal Wickens and the Western Empire Volleyball Association (WEVA), a USAV Region under the leadership of John Hughes, brought me in to assist at the last Molten Division III Men's Invitational Volleyball Championship – as it now will turn over to the NCAA as its first men’s national championship created in over 25 years. Gary Sato and Bob Bertucci also were there to teach and watch Nazareth College defeat Springfield College in a finals match that saw host Nazareth have to turn away hundreds of spectators due to it being sold out.

The morning of the finals, Kyle set up 10 courts in one high school gym, cutting regulation nets into 15 foot long kids court nets. With the help of many high school boys and girls, over 80 second to eighth grade kids started their morning not watching Saturday cartoons, but by first overhead passing to a high school coach/setter and then getting the chance to jump and hit. Some forearm pass-set-hit then was taught, followed by serving. Then, the whole group played in and everyone plays everyone four-minute games per team in a huge round robin tournament. The three-plus hours flew by and new friends who shared a desire to learn volleyball were made, along with a healthy dose of learning to love the game. Meanwhile, for two full days, over 20 boys' and girls' coaches got to learn new ideas and watch the finals as part of their coaching clinic on "Evidenced Based Coaching vs. Belief Based Coaching." Kudos to WEVA, the kids and the coaches, and to the Molten Division III Men's Invitational Volleyball Championship participants for a great gathering of the volleyball family.


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On April 22, 2011 Nick wrote

Hey quick question, that I would love to get an answer for! Is it common for Pro volleyball players to play both indoor and beach volleyball proffessionally? If, so have any of the players on the Brazil Men's national team done it? Thank you!!

On April 24, 2011 Alessandro wrote

The link "Clay" does not lead to Stanley's video but again to Dante Amaral's one!

On April 25, 2011 John Kessel wrote

Alessandro - just checked the link and it seems to be fine. Thanks for the comments tho. Nick - It is common for indoor players in many pro leagues, USA and Brazil players included, to play both beach and indoor professionally. Often it happens after a player feels his/her indoor career is winding down - so a player like Karch played indoor then beach to finish out. Brazil however is in the southern hemisphere, so their indoor season is during the best season up in Europe/USA, so often the Brazilian pro beach players can play year round, or indoor year round by playing in Europe in the Brazilan "summer" period. As the seasons for both indoor and beach each seem to be starting earlier and going later, it is harder to overlap however.

On April 27, 2011 Nick wrote

Thanks for the reply John! Is it normal/common for a Brazillian player, or any player in that fact, to have trained at one point on the beach and then gone on to play indoor? Thanks a ton!

On May 03, 2011 Dennis wrote

John and Cody - Per usual, excellent job with providing incredible information that I can share with my team. Even if it is all "men", there are heights to be reached and having these amazing videos is one way to help my 12s reach just a tiny bit higher. Thank you BOTH for everything you've done to improve youth volleyball in this country.

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