Tuesday Tips for the Coaches of Chaos 4-19-11

April 18, 2011, 4:37 p.m. (ET)

Just back from a great clinic on the east coast with the WEVA Region that held in conjunction with the Molten Division III Men’s Invitational Volleyball Championship, won by Nazareth on its home court.  They did a GREAT job of having a first- to eighth-grade boys' and girls' player clinic in which the kids hit first and pass-set-hit right away. After learning to improve their serve, they had a 10-court/20-team round robin competition of 3-5 minute matches and everyone playing everyone. Well done Kyle Salisbury and John Hughes.

Inspirational Activist for the Disabled

With the Paralympic Leadership Conference starting next week – I am presenting each day on the value of play and on leadership ideas – felt this TED clip, 15:34 long, to be mandatory viewing for all coaches, club directors, parents and players. Take a break right now and watch it…


Magic Motor Programs

Scottie Zucco from Hawaii shared this great link. He writes I watched a documentary called Make Believe (it’s running regularly on Showtime). It’s about the biggest teen magic tournament of the year. You’ll be amazed at the work ethic of these off-beat & quirky teens that spend HOURS practicing their ‘slight of hand.'  Talk about work ethic and mastering complex motor movements!!  Here’s the trailer:”


New USAV Court Signs Available

In color, both 11x17 and 8.5x11 sizes, numbered 1-70, just print the page range you want and have at it. These were developed by my son Cody, with help from Bill Kauffman and make any OUTDOOR or indoor court easy to number and find. Tyvek ones will be coming soon to all RVAs as well, but you can just go to the grassroots/best practices button on the USAV website at any time and easily number your courts in black and white or color.


Developing Your Sports IQ

Jason T up in Canada reminded me about a friend’s blog that I have bookmarked but have not yet shared in my tips. JT wrote  “So far what I have seen has been great. I know that you guys like to learn from other sports, so check out this website…”


Oltre la Rete

Doriano Rabotti, in his Italian newspaper Volleyball blog “Oltre la Rete” (Over the Net) took note of our State Department NORCECA clinic I directed last week. He shared some kind words, and also reached out to share sympathy to Stacy Sykora. Since he found a rare picture of me sitting down, thought others might like to test their use of Google Translate or Yahoo Babelfish and see what he had to say. A lot of his blogs are great volleyball reading and worth checking out.  


Sports Psychology in AB

Athletic Business Magazine had a nice article on the increasing use of Sports Psychology by younger athletes – saying “more athletes using sports psychology to gain competitive edge” – Check it out here:


Cool Volley

Last, but not by any means least, the FIVB has followed up to the Minivolley program and shares the new “Cool Volleyball” program that simply does just two on two competition. The option of doubles we like a lot, as it gives the most contacts per hour for kids – and is what makes young players learn fastest – while the game still teaches the game. Head over to the FIVB website now and download the book – English now, and soon to follow up in Spanish and French….

Gosh, the indoor season is winding down. Setting up some outdoor courts in the grass and teaching my 14ers the rules and subtleties of the doubles game - while increasing their contacts per hour. Happy Easter all....

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