Growing Through Our 3rd Season of Webinars

Sept. 20, 2010, 11:09 p.m. (ET)

You know, USA Volleyball (USAV) has maintained a web presence since the mid-90's, starting with the help of Tom Jack at and progressing through our current partnership with Team USA and the USOC...Jim Coleman helped create stat and game analysis even further back. Many of you may not realize USAV has been doing online education for several years, too - so I wanted to share a tiny bit of history and important facts, and a lot of good news for what we are doing to help grow the game this season.

After our historic success in Beijing 2008, the board of USA Volleyball re- focused programming on three core pillars for our sport – “Sustained Competitive Excellence,”  “Growing the Game” and “Commercializing the Sport.”  Following the successful implementation of the IMPACT Webinars in 2008-09 and the popular free Jr. OIympic Volleyball (JOV) Coaches Webinars in 2009-10, USA Volleyball will be expanding its free webinars for 2010-2011 into parent and JOV club director programming.  

This year’s national and Regional webinars, newsletters, articles and regional support will continue in the first two areas, while expanding into area of commercializing the sport with the assistance of our fellow Olympic family members, including the U.S. Olympic Committee, other USA Sport National Governing Bodies (NGB) and NORCECA National Federations. A full year of webinars will be offered, with all but the IMPACT versions being FREE to USA Volleyball Regional club directors, coaches, players and parents, as part of our partnership in keeping costs low and educational value high. If you are a USAV coach of juniors - you are a Jr. Olympic Volleyball, and/or a Jr. Olympic Beach Volleyball coach - as all USAV junior coaches of at any age level are recognized by the U.S. Olympic Committee to be USAV JOV coaches as well. That is part of the partnership of working with the programming of an Olympic Sport and its official NGB like USA Volleyball.

As part of the pillar of Sustained Competitive Excellence (SCE) - IMPACT Webinars have already begun and will be held twice monthly from until next June. These courses featuring the latest research in coaching philosophy, risk management, motor learning, drill design, minivolley and youth volleyball, beach volleyball and Paralympic volleyball programming. Last year, some 4,000 new USA Jr. Olympic Volleyball coaches benefited from the 22nd annual version of this 4-5 hour Fundamental Coaching course, in both Regional in person and national Webinar versions.

In the Growing the Game (GTG) pillar, back by popular demand are the Jr. Olympic Volleyball Coaches Webinars. This program last year was attended by over a thousand USAV and NCVF coaches, and will be offered again at no cost in two hour sessions covering the latest in science-based coaching principles and research – including Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD), Minivolleyball from our fellow National Federations around the world, Paralympic Sitting Volleyball, and much more. This continuing education clinic will be repeated monthly in 2010.

Last week, USA Volleyball received a substantial State Department Grant to help share coaching and volleyball programming ideas with the nations of Dominican Republic, Honduras, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago and Haiti. USAV regions and all our family of JOV coaches will be invited in 2011 to join in shared international webinars being hosted to cover sport programming and grassroots level programs for both boys and girls – including Special Olympic and Paralympic training. High Performance indoor and beach volleyball programming for men and women is also being shared.  USAV will be working with our international volleyball federation, the FIVB, to extend the grant to a dozen other nations in our NORCECA Zone. 

Still within the Growing the Game Pillar, last spring USAV partnered with the Promise for Good Sports (PGS), and after testing the programming in several USA Volleyball Regions, the program – both regionally delivered and Parents as Partners Webinars will be offered in participating Regions. The annual schedule will be determined after the October 6-9 Regional Volleyball Association meetings in Denver, Colo.

Grow the Game Webinars are also going to be offered based on the most popular columns (based in view rates) of this very "Growing the Game Together" blog. You may be surprised to know that USA Volleyball’s website is ranked #1 of all the Olympic sports offered under the Team USA website, generating a whopping 27 percent of total traffic. This blog, thanks to all you readers from so many parts of our sport and other sports, happens to be the second most popular blog over the last two years, of all the thousands of blogs offered at the U.S. Olympic Committee community pages by the 43 National Governing Bodies of sport. I can only say thank you and promise to work on sharing new ideas and insights here and in the webinars as well.

Free webinars will be offered and national team coaches will also be reaching out to share the core ideas they want to share to all USAV Regional Jr. Olympic Volleyball coaches (remember, that at means YOU, as a USAV Regional coach of any age, you are part of our USAV Jr. Olympic Volleyball and Beach Volleyball programs!) in webinars scheduled to be set around their World Championships preparations, as well as the preparations being used for the already London 2012 Paralympics qualified Women’s Sitting Team.  

Finally, in the Commercialize the Sport (CTS) area, several webinars, also at no cost, will be offered. In JOV Club Management, successful club directors will share their insights and best practices in managing the business of running a club well. If you have something you would like to share in these webinars, please get in touch with me.

Ahead, USA Volleyball will offer to its members many other chances to dialogue and share best practices on how to better grow the game and your club programming.  Promise of Good Sports “Parents as Partners”  webinars,  State Department international sharing  webinars and National Team coaches Core Concepts webinars will be announced after the RVA meetings (October 6-9).  

So who will be joining us this season?

How about Carl McGown, founder of the Gold Medal Squared program, who will speak soon on the things learned from being a part of our USA Men’s National Team program since 1975 (including 3 gold and a bronze medal in Olympic competition). Carl was BYU’s head coach for two NCAA Men’s titles, and was a professor of motor learning at BYU for many years.  Terry Pettit, NCAA title winner and Nebraska head coach for 22 years, will speak on things learned since authoring his volleyball book “Talent and the Secret Life of Teams,” including his current experiences of being a JOV coach with the NORCO volleyball program. 

Cecile Reynaud will chat and share her thoughts learned from 26 years of being the head coach at Florida State University, a current professor in Sport Management, as well as most recently serving as chair of the USAV Athletes Safeguard Commission.  Ali Wood Lamberson of our USAV Beach Department will give out the latest Jr. Olympic Beach Volleyball programming ideas, including the ideas learned our international opponents in this past season’s great USAV international youth and junior beach successes. Jason Trepanier, Technical Director of the Ontario Volleyball Association in Canada will share his research and thoughts on “Meaningful Competition” for junior players.  USAV staffer Susan Barkley will host a Q&A on best practices for club directors in using the USAV Webpoint system. 

A host of other leaders and topics will be offered in the months to come, so keep checking with your Region and their website for the newest USAV programming webinars offered. Relax at home and tune in to learn at little or no cost as we partner in growing the game. Should you have a topic or speaker you wish to hear from, email or post it below in the comment section and we will see if we can add it to the schedule. There is no reason to stand off to the side with your ideas unless you feel a need to keep secrets or profit from what you might share. Remember, by joining USA  Volleyball, you are supporting all the members of our volleyball family who ALL deserve and need our help. Work with your RVA and let us know how else we can help you grow the game!

Citius, Altius, Fortius and best wishes during this high school season and upcoming Jr. Olympic Volleyball season.


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On September 25, 2010 John Kessel wrote

Good news from the US Olympic Committee Assembly - this quote from today's press release: Also during Friday and Saturday's meetings, the board received a report outlining the recommendations of the working group on safe training environments from its chair, Nina Kemppel,thefirst vice chair of the AAC and a four-time Olympian. Based on those recommendations, the board unanimously voted to adopt the following statement: "Sexual and physical abuse is intolerable and in direct conflict with Olympic ideals. The USOC will work with its partners to play a leadership role promoting safe sport environments for athletes, with a goal of implementing new policies, safeguards and protective practices within six months."

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