Call for Nominations

Oct. 21, 2009, 12:57 p.m. (ET)

Call for Nominations for Balance of Term for Vacated Junior Indoor Director USAV Board of Directors Position

Due to the recent vacancy in the Junior Indoor Director position on the USA Volleyball Board of Directors, we are requesting the submission of any qualified nominees for the balance of the term ending June 30, 2010.  Self-nominations are encouraged.

A listing of Board Member responsibilities and qualifications are listed below.

Written submissions are necessary in order to meet the qualifications for nominee (candidate) consideration:

  1. A cover-letter expressing interest in the Board position with an explanation as to why the potential nominee should be considered.
  2. A resume which includes a minimum of three (3) references.

Nominations will be accepted, with all required paperwork, through Nov. 1, 2009

Information should be submitted via email.

Nominees' completed paperwork will be reviewed and screened by the Junior Assembly Administrative Council and vetted by the Nominating and Governance Committee (NGC), who will make a final determination of those nominees (candidates) eligible to be placed on the slate.

The resulting slate of qualified candidates will be submitted to your designated voting representatives for election in accordance with Junior Assembly election procedures.  The voting will be conducted electronically, with all votes being accepted up through a deadline of November 30, 2009.  Votes received after the deadline will not be accepted.

VOTING REPRESENTATIVES - Each Regional Volleyball Association and Affiliated Member Organization may designate up to two (2) Voting Representatives and provide each representative's name, affiliation (Region or other), membership status, and email address.  This information must be sent to the following email address no later than November 1, 2009 -  Voting Representative information received after that time will not be accepted. 

Following the review of candidate information, each Voting Representative will be sent via email, Nominee/Candidate information, for their review.  Voting Representatives are to submit their votes to the following email address - no later than Nov. 30, 2009.  Votes received after that time will not be accepted. 

Board Member Responsibilities and Qualifications

A.    Responsibilities. The Board shall have the following responsibilities, including but not limited to:

  1. Ensure that the Board is properly structured and capable of acting in case of corporate crisis;
  2. Employ, establish compensation, evaluate and terminate the employment of the CEO;
  3. Create policy direction for the CEO and staff on significant issues facing the Corporation;
  4. Review and take necessary action on the Corporation's strategic plan and the annual operating plans, budget, business plans, corporate performance and other significant corporate actions;
  5. Plan for management succession;
  6. Monitor the financial reporting process, communications with constituents, and the Corporation's legal and regulatory compliance program and the performance of its broader responsibilities (such as conformance to the  "Act"; USOC Bylaws and FIVB Constitution);
  7. Set policy on capital structure, financial strategies, borrowing commitments and long range financial planning;
  8. Monitor the Corporation's assets to ensure that they are being properly managed, invested and/or otherwise protected;
  9. Receive and review the reports of the CEO, Committees of the Board and task forces;
  10. Approve the selection of independent auditors;
  11. Encourage a culture of ethical behavior and compliance throughout the Corporation; and
  12. Achieve as much transparency in the operations of the Corporation as is reasonably achievable and to keep the stakeholders in the Corporation informed about the business and operations of the Corporation,

B.    The Board may seek assistance and guidance from the standing committees of the Board. The Board shall remain ultimately accountable for the responsibilities of the committees.

C.   Diversity. The Board shall develop and implement a policy of diversity at all levels of the Corporation, supported by meaningful efforts to accomplish that diversity. 

D.   General Qualifications. Each Director shall exhibit the following general qualifications in addition to meeting the Minimum Criteria described in Article 6.02 I.

  1. Be a citizen of the United States; and not be affiliated with any national volleyball federation other than USA Volleyball.
  2. Be at least eighteen years of age;
  3. Be of good character;
  4. Be judged qualified and appropriate for the particular Board position;
  5. Be committed to serving the best interests of the Corporation and the sport regardless of the constituency which (s)elects the Board Member;
  6. Be committed to the principles of the Corporation;
  7. Be willing to adhere to Corporation policies;
  8. Possess strong communication and interpersonal skills. 

Minimum Criteria:

A candidate to represent Junior Indoor volleyball should meet or exceed the following criteria:

  • Appropriate experience with junior volleyball.
  • A broad spectrum of junior indoor volleyball experience such as junior club director, junior coach, junior event programming, etc.