U.S. Girls' Youth Team Coming Together

June 28, 2009, 9:40 a.m. (ET)

June 26

Today we had a morning training session from about nine to one. It was an interesting session because during our warm-up drill Carly Thomas accidentally crashed head first into Jen’s stomach and felt her neck crack. Because we would rather be safe than sorry when dealing with a neck injury, our trainer called an ambulance which arrived and took her to the emergency room on a stretcher. It was pretty difficult to practice after that, but we were able to come together and have a rather successful session. Thankfully, Carly only hyper-extended her neck and is able to play. Since Jen is the object that Carly collided with, she has been given the honor of massaging Carly’s sore neck daily.

Later in the day we went to the Coast volleyball club gym and scrimmaged against some college players and a couple of volunteer guys. It was really fun and great competition. The team has improved a great deal both physically and mentally in the short amount of time that was available to us and the scrimmage was a fun way to test out what we have learned in a game-like format. The guys that played against us could put some serious heat on the ball, so we also got to practice digging and blocking hard driven balls. I thought everyone played well and that the team is coming together nicely.

The closer and closer we get to going to Thailand the more excited I am getting! I can’t wait to step on the court and start competing. We have watched lots of video on the teams we are going to play as well as other inspirational sports-related material. My favorite was when we watched an interview of Tiger Woods. I love his work ethic and how he doesn’t play just to win, but to “kick butt”. I look forward to kicking some major butt in Thailand! Go USA!