Day 10 Training for U.S. Girls' Youth Team

June 27, 2009, 1:13 p.m. (ET)

Day 10: June 24th

Today we only had one practice session in the morning that lasted about four hours and then we went out to have fun. After returning to the OTC and eating lunch we went to Mission beach! One girl on our team had never seen a beach before so it was a really enjoyable experience to share with the team. Mostly everyone went into the water while the California girls went shopping.

After about an hour, Melissa, John and Heath took us all to In N Out! In the car Katie claimed she does not eat burgers, but we made her get one and she ended up eating it all! Then she said it was the last burger she will ever eat. We then rushed to the movie theater to see Transformers! We were about ten minutes late so we all ran into the theater. We wanted to sit together but there were only random open single seats scattered all over so we ended up sitting in a huge pile on the floor. The movie was really great and entertaining. We all loved it except for Katie because she said she does not like robots. She took a nap instead. Afterwards, we all met up with the coaches outside. Heath was mad at our van because his and Melissa’s burgers had previously gotten switched and then somehow his had been thrown away.

John blamed us but we all know it was him. But just to be nice, John drove us to another In N Out nearby so we could get Heath his much needed combo meal. That pretty much sums up the day!