Turning Five Medals in to More Participants

By John Kessel | Jan. 26, 2009, 12 a.m. (ET)

Greetings Volleyball Family - The tremendous success of our teams in Beijing, including the Paralympic Sitting Women's team winning a silver medal last month, now opens this chance to share ideas with everyone on growing our sport together. This weekend, the Youth & Junior Olympic Volleyball Division and the Regional Operations Divisions close out their decades of work as the new USAV Board of Directors and structures begin. One of the changes is to increase grassroots communication and idea sharing on things that grow the game, for youth and seniors, and all versions in between. This blog is one place to exchange thoughts. We will be using MS Sharepoint to allow the commissions and leadership to more easily collaborate. We have sought to get as many medal winning athletes to share their stories in these next months, in person. The fact is currently all but two of the 24 indoor players are playing overseas on professional teams. We will be challenged to solve in some other way. We have medal celebration t-shirts/hoodies available already at http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Volleyball/Shop.aspx and http://www.em2sports.com/. A thirty minute highlight video of journeys to the medal stand in August is in final production and will be available to USA Volleyball donors as a premium item. If you have any other ideas, let me know as we give every idea great attention and consideration. For now, back to meetings here in Colorado Springs... John


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On October 09, 2009 Larry Price wrote

As a coach who has spent a lot of hours driving teams to tournaments, I'd love to have tools available to make that time more productive. Obviously, modern technology makes it possible for the youth in the back seats to watch game film. And there are a variety of volleyball training videos available for purchase. But, I've failed to find video of our national teams. I want my players to see volleyball played the RIGHT way as much as possible. Of course I want them to see individual skills performed by the masters. But, I also want them to see the entire game. I want them to also see the experts in their humanity, they make mistakes too. So, the video needs to show the entire match, not just great plays / hi-lights. Finally, something I'd be thrilled to get a hold of (perhaps subscription?): PODCAST. When I take a team to a tournament out of town, I love to start the day eating breakfast together at the hotel, praying together, perhaps even having a devotion together. I'd love to be able to add podcast to that list. Perhaps a motivational podcast such as Ryan Millar or Reid Priddy talking for five minutes about a challenging play in the gold medal match? And, podcast for myself too. When I depart work, I'd love to listen to a John Kessel or a Hugh McCucheon podcast about coaching.

On October 13, 2009 John Kessel wrote

Larry - We are working to get the most recent NORCECA events online and downloadable to share. I think Reid has podcasts on his "radio" show, but I also have good news on the coaching side. IMPACT gets a new coach off to a good start on motor skill, drill design and such, but then we don't have any more follow up other than CAP. As officials training their group every year or two, even tho the rules change very little, I thought it important to share the newest ideas in coaching - in this blog but also in a webinar. So this Oct 18th, the first Beyond Beijing Coaches Appreciation Webinar is happening for the coaches in the Palmetto/South Carolina USAV Region. Jimmy Peden, their Commish, will talk 10 or so minutes, then my new powerpoint on evidence based vs. belief based coaching will start up with me talking, taking questions etc. for 90 minutes. Got lots of new ideas to cover. I have requests from Kordes in Pioneer, and Hahn from Badger RVA as well as Arizona and Iowa to do the same, and will in the end do them for all 40 RVAs. This then will be recorded and saved on their RVA website. Check back for more info later, or ask your RVA to get yours set up! John

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