Growing the Game in Oklahoma

Jan. 26, 2009, 12:26 p.m. (ET)

Today's must read is by none other than Malcom Gladwell again - an excellent new article in the New Yorker on effective teaching and "predicting" success that you can access it here on their website

I have lots of travel these next few weeks...Washington DC and the NCAA Division I Women's Volleyball Championshipo in Omaha to wind up December. 

It will be hard to top the last three days when I was in Edmond, Oklahoma, on campus at the University of Central Oklahoma. UCO is a Paralympic training site and home  for both our USA men's and women's sitting national teams.

Mark Herrin was kind enough to show me some new development ideas for expanding the sitting team program training area, and even building new sand courts which would be along the river, lighted and convertable into a stage, much like Athens 2004 was designed.

Rowing, with the new world class channel they now have there, is also growing, and I hope that the Neah Bay nation, might be able to blend both their volleyball skills and oarsmanship someday, when the Smithstonian Native American Museum there is finished.

I had a chance to meet with my former intern, Eric Duda, now a starter on the Pan Am Silver medal men's team. He and two of the three USA women there participated in a two day CAP course, with sitting volleyball emphasis. Katie Holloway and Gina Davis both played and learned with the other nearly 60 coaches there sharing ideas with Bill Hamiter, the USA men's sitting team coach, who was the other CAP Cadre instructor.

I got to meet most the Oklahoma RVA board, work with Shaun's neat boys teams, ages ranging from 9 to 17, and even watch the OU-Mizzou football game in a Sooner red house of family and fans.

Some of the coaches have written about the "paradigm shift" they experienced taking the course. From new ideas in Motor Skill learning, to new drills and training ideas. It was a full two days of becoming better teachers of volleyball. My biggest hope is that the coaches there learned new ways to make sure that they will never be a child's last coach.

Thanks to all for coming...