Manny Johnson: Blog 6 at 2008 HP Youth Holiday Camp

Jan. 21, 2009, 5:10 p.m. (ET)

Day 3 session 2

This was a film study.  We watched the Men's Gold medal match from the Beijing Olympics, USA vs Brazil.  Before we started we asked the girls to watch the match not as a fan but as a student of the game.  Tom Pingel was with us and he talked about how a lot of people play volleyball but there are not a lot of volleyball players out there, lots of people set but there are not a lot of setters.  Watching film can help make people who play volleyball into volleyball players.  Another point Tom made is that as players in these camps you never know who is watching, who is evaluating; what are they watching what are they evaluating?  Your off court behavior, your attitude, how you are around your teammates, how you respond to feedback, how your teammates respond to you are all factors in picking these teams.  The most physically skilled and talented players don't always make the teams.  While watching film we asked the players to watch for 8 things
1. out of system hitting
2. out of system setting
3. bettering the ball
4. limiting errors
5. jump serving
6. set location (hittable balls)
7. tips
8. middles playing defense and serving

Over the course of the film we discovered that at the highest levels the game is a lot less about pass-set-hit and much more about everyone playing volleyball.  As the film ran we saw that the middles set a ton of balls, we saw hitters hitting high and deep and we saw players executing the skills the way that we have been teaching them in our gym. 

One of the main points of emphasis Neil wanted to focus on was everybody becoming better volleyball players.  Middles have to learn to pass, setters have to learn to hit, etc.  That is why there has been no 6v6 and no positional training yet.  Watching the gold medal match reiterated that point very clearly for us.