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U.S. Women’s Team Open Tryout

Feb. 06, 2009, 5:54 p.m. (ET)

Bill Kauffman
Manager, Media Relations and Publications
Phone: 719-228-6800

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (Feb. 6, 2009) - USA Volleyball will host approximately 160 athletes as part of  its U.S. Women's National Team Open Tryout set for Feb. 20-22 at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colo.

As part of the tryout, athletes will compete for spots on the USA Women's Volleyball National Team program. Athletes not selected to participate with the National Team may be considered for other programs run by USA Volleyball. Included in this list of other programs are the U.S. Women's Junior National Team competing at the FIVB Women's Junior World Championship or the USA Women's Senior A2 Teams competing at the USA Adult Open Championships. A total of 33 athletes are eligible for the U.S. Women's Junior National Team as well as the other National Team programs.

U.S. Women's National Team Head Coach Hugh McCutcheon (Christchurch, New Zealand) will lead a team of 30 tryout staff that will serve as court coaches and evaluators putting the players through physical testing, drills and match play.

"USA women's volleyball has such depth and talent, it is wonderful to see this many outstanding young athletes attending this National Team tryout," McCutcheon said. "I believe playing for the National Team is the highest achievement possible for our indoor players. In that regard, our goal is to create the best environment for these players to train and compete at the international level."

The tentative roster, which could change depending on late adds or drops due to injury, includes 44 outside hitters, 41 middle blockers, 36 liberos, 30 setters and 12 opposites. A total of 64 different colleges are represented on the roster, including four non-NCAA Division I institutions.

Athletes in college with collegiate eligibility remaining for the 2009 season and not selected to the USA Women's National Team may be invited to participate on the USA Senior A2 Teams. This program is scheduled to take place in Minneapolis from May 18 through May 27. A projected 24 athletes will be invited to participate in the program, which will include training and competition in the 2009 USA Adult Open Championships in the Open Division from May 23-26.

In addition, the 2009 FIVB Women's Junior World Championship will be held July 16-25 in Mexico. Athletes must be born in either 1990 or 1991 to be eligible for this program. The roster below indicates eligible athletes with a "^".

Liberos (36)
Name (School, College Years Eligibility Remaining)
Gabi Ailes (Stanford, 2)
^ Allison Buck (New Mexico, 3)
Haley Carroll (San Francisco, 1)
Sarah Cline (South Carolina, 1)
Elyse Cusack (Florida, 1)
Rebecca Dake (Truman State, 0)
^ Caitlyn Donahue (Kansas State, 4)
Allyson Doyle (Western Michigan, 2)
Katie Eberling (Western Michigan, 1)
Ashley Edinger (Illinois, 1)
Laura Gonzalez (Albany, 3)
Madeline Hughes (Northern Illinois, 2)
Tracey Lam (Rice, 2)
Hannah Lawing (South Carolina, 2)
Ashley Lee (Long Beach State, 2)
Elena Martinez (Louisiana State, 0)
Ashley Mass (Iowa State, 2)
Lauren Mathewson (Kansas State, 2)
Whitney Meierotto (Concordia-St. Paul, 0)
Kate Nobilio (Northwestern, 1)
Alanna Resch (Arizona, 1)
Bree Riet (Westminster College, 0)
Stevi Robinson (Pepperdine, 3)
Alexandra Sall (Duke, 2)
Claire Smalzer (Duke, 2)
^ Morgan Springer (Mississippi, 3)
^ Sydney Stewart (SMU, 3)
Katie Swoboda (Oregon, 0)
Christine Tan (Minnesota, 1)
Krystal Torres (New Mexico State, 0)
Mary Tucker (Mercer, 0)
Caitlyn Vann (Missouri, 2)
Bonnie West (West Virginia, 2)
Katherine Wilkerson (SMU, 2)
^ Kelly Wood (North Carolina State, 3)
^ Kathleen Yony (Nova Southeastern, 2)

Middle Blockers (41)
Name (School, College Years Eligibility Remaining)
Sarah Allison (Kansas State, 3)
Ashley Asberry (Middle Tennessee, 0)
Carlyn Babin (San Francisco, 0)
Johannah Bangert (Illinois, 2)
Kelli Barhorst (Ohio State, 3)
Mekana Barnes (Colorado State, 0)
Ashley Benson (Indiana, 2)
Natalie Bogan (Rice, 1)
Heather Brooks (North Carolina, 1)
Rebecca Burling (Duke, 2)
^ Katherine Camp (UCLA, 3)
Kelsey Chipman (Kansas State, 1)
Jamie Clark (Army, 0)
Brittnee Cooper (Louisiana State, 1)
LaTresa Cunningham (Middle Tennessee, 0)
Kristina Dimitrijevs (Akron, 3)
^ Amanda Dowdy (Texas Tech, 3)
Kristen Dozier (Ohio State, 1)
Kourtney Edwards (TCU, 1)
Neticia Enesi (Oregon, 1)
Whitney Evers (Central Michigan, 0)
Lindsay Fletemier (Dayton, 2)
^ Amanda Gil (UCLA, 3)
Ingrid Hanson-Tuntland (North Carolina, 1)
Shannon Hawari (California, 3)
Danielle Hepburn (Clemson, 0)
Miranda Kitts (Mississippi, 2)
Megan Laughlin (South Carolina, 2)
Anna Lehne (New Mexico, 1)
Sabel Moffett (Northwestern, 2)
Michelle Osunbor (Long Beach State, 2)
Lauren Paolini (Texas, 0)
^ Martha Robertson (Duke, 3)
Margaret Salata (North Carolina State, 3)
^ Kaitlyn Schultz (Central Michigan, 3)
Stephanie Snow (Arizona, 2)
Regina Thomas (Mississippi, 3)
Emillie Toone (Utah, 0)
Christine Vaughen (North Carolina, 1)
Naomi Washington (Long Beach State, 1)
Mindi Wiley (California, 1)

Outside Hitter (44)
Name (School, College Years Eligibility Remaining)
Sarah Ammerman (Texas A&M, 1)
Anna Berger (San Francisco, 1)
^ Kelsey Black (Texas A&M, 3)
JuliAnne Chisholm (Kansas State, 2)
Laura DeBruler (Illinois, 2)
Whitney Dosty (Arizona, 2)
Katie Dull (Ohio State, 2)
^ Sophia Dunworth (Duke, 3)
Juliann Faucette (Texas, 2)
Bridget Fonke (Saint Louis, 1)
Ashley Frazier (Alabama, 3)
^ Lilla Frederick (Pepperdine, 3)
Tiffany Gaerke (Dayton, 2)
Isis Gardner (North Carolina State, 3)
Suzanne Haydel (North Carolina, 2)
Victoria Henson (Iowa State, 2)
Ellen Herman (Ohio, 1)
^ Alex Hunt (Michigan, 3)
Kristy Jaeckel (Florida, 3)
Kayla Kirk (Duke, 3)
Rachel Krabacher (Dayton, 4)
^ Caitlin Ledoux (Long Beach State, 4)
^ Ashleigh McCord (Rice, 3)
^ Allison McGloughlin (Northern Illinois, 3)
Dicey McGraw (UCLA, 2)
Sarah Mendoza (Kentucky, 2)
^ Jordan Meredith (Boston College, 3)
Brittany Moore (Cal State Fullerton, 0)
Michelle Moore (Western Michigan, 1)
Rachael Moss (Duke, 1)
^ Tarah Murrey (California, 3)
^ Jocelyn Neely (Long Beach State, 4)
Sonja Newcombe (Oregon, 1)
Katelynn Norris (Mississippi, 3)
^ Jessica Oliver (SMU, 3)
Tiffany Owens (Arizona, 2)
^ Dana Powell (SMU, 3)
Sarah Reaves (Arizona State, 2)
Julie Rubenstein (Pepperdine, 0)
Meagan Schoenrock (Northern Illinois, 1)
Kristin Seaton (Arkansas, 1)
^ Kelli Stipanovich (Arkansas, 3)
Emily Stockman (Wichita State, 1)
Brooks Webster (Alabama, 1)

Opposite (12)
Name (School, College Years Eligibility Remaining)
^ Michelle Bartsch (Illinois, 3)
Ashley Engle (Texas, 1)
Taylor Hadfield (New Mexico, 2)
Sarah Mandala (San Francisco, 2)
Sammi McCloud (Saint Louis, 1)
Heather Meyers (Oregon, 2)
Rose Morris (New Mexico, 1)
Brianna Patterson (Akron, 1)
^ Sara Sage (UCLA, 3)
Chloe Smith (Central Arkansas, 2)
Maria Taylor (Georgia, 0)
Alexandra Troost (San Diego, 2)

Setter (30)
Name (School, College Years Eligibility Remaining)
Maureen Bannon (Army, 1)
Stephanie Budde (Central Michigan, 1)
^ Kellie Catanach (Duke, 3)
^ Lauren Cook (UCLA, 4)
Samantha Dabbs (Louisiana State, 1)
Deborah Dawley (College of Charleston, 2)
Bridget Denson-Dorman (South Carolina, 1)
^ Natalie Emro (Michigan State, 3)
Christina Falcone (Duke, 1)
Hillary Haen (Illinois, 2)
Jessica Hayden (Penn State, 0)
^ Catherine Highmark (Arizona State, 3)
^ Kristin Hoffman (Northern Illinois, 3)
Mary Hooper (Wichita State, 3)
Carli Lloyd (California, 2)
^ Anne Luhrsen (Connecticut, 3)
Kaylee Manns (Iowa State, 1)
Jade Michaelsen (New Mexico, 2)
Jill Mitchell (Western Michigan, 1)
Kelsi Myers (San Diego, 2)
Jessica Nyrop (San Diego, 0)
Whitney Roth (Saint Louis, 1)
Sarah Rumely (Kentucky, 1)
Meredith Schamun (Rice, 2)
Alexandra Smith (North Carolina State, 2)
Nicole Vargas (Long Beach State, 0)
Sam Viox (Western Michigan, 3)
Paige Weber (Arizona, 2)
Jessica Yanz (Nebraska, 2)
Lexi Zimmerman (Michigan, 2)

Ashley Board
Nick Cheronis
John Corbelli
Denise Corlett
Todd Dagenais
Nicole Davis
Diane French
Burt Fuller
Cathy George
Chris Gonzalez
Ray Gooden
Jeff Grove
Kevin Hambly
Tom Hogan
Heath Hoke
Kim Jagd
Jason Kepner
Jill Kramer
Christie Landry
Ruth Lawanson
Aven Lee
Steve Loeswick
Gary Mathews
Hugh McCutcheon
Vinh Nguyen
Tom Pingel
Jason Reed
Kelly Sheffield
Scott Swanson
Stacy Sykora
Paula Weishoff