Beach Junior Tour Hits New York, Chicago

Aug. 03, 2009, 6:53 p.m. (ET)

Maura Gladys
Intern, Media Relations and Publications
Phone: (719) 228-6886

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (Aug. 3, 2009) - The USA Beach Junior Tour hosted two events this weekend, the North Coast Open in Chicago, Ill. and the East Coast Open in Rochester, N.Y.

The North Coast Open, held Aug. 1, featured teams from the Midwest and Great Lakes.

In the Girls' U-20 Division, Erin Brocher (Crystal Lake, Ill.) and Crystal Wright (Lake Zurich, Ill.) defeated Mallory Palmer (Poynette, Wis.) and Kelsey Witt (McFarland, Wis.), 21-15 to claim the top spot.

Lindsey Gosh (Oconomowoc, Wis.) and Lauren Gnewuch (Oconomowoc, Wis.) defeated Jenna Jacobson (Chicago, Ill.) and Mary Dent (Chicago, Ill.), 21-10 for first place in the U-18 Girls' Division. Lindsay Adams (Coldwater, Ill.) and Alisha Lang (Schodcraft, Mich.) came in third place with a 21-19 win.

In the Girls' U-16 Division, Michelle Schultz (Chicago, Ill.) and Mary Grassano (Chicago, Ill.) came out on top with a 21-11 win over Lauren Duncan (Winfield, Ill.) and Theresa Katarzynski (Winfield, Ill.). Emily Umbaugh (Warsaw, Ind.) and Erika Jansen (Warsaw, Ind.) earned third place with a 21-9 win.

Taking top honors in the Girls' U-14 Division was the duo of Lauren Carlini (Aurora, Ill.) and Chloe Reinig (Yorkville, Ill.) which beat Ashtyn Kapovich (Lansing, Ill.) and Abbe Mullan (Lansing, Ill.) 21-11. Danielle Plank (Laporte, Ind.) and Camille Burrnett (Laporte, Ind.) took third with a 21-15 victory.

Victoria Mills (Elkhart, Ind.) and Alexis Wilson (Elkhart, Ind.) came in first in the Girls' U-12 Division with a 21-18 win. Coming in second was Amanda and Olivia Witsaman (Homer Glen, Ill.). Brook Ahrens (Covington, Ind.) and Baylee Maged (Danville, Ind.) came in third with a 21-15 triumph.

On the boys' side, Mike Adams (St. Louis, Mo.) and Joe Schwarz (St. Louis, Mo.) defeated Scott Siwicki (Elk Grove, Ill.) and Szymon Geirut (Elkgrove, Ill.) 21-17 for first place in the U-20 Division.

In the Boys' U-18 Division, Kyle Cook (Wilmette, Ill.) and C.J. Berg (Glenview, Ill.) beat Tim Huizinga (Frankfort, Ill.) and Joe Smalzer (Palos Heights, Ill.) 22-20 to claim the top spot. Michael Bojda (Chicago, Ill.) and Enrico Mirabelli (Chicago, Ill.) came in third with a 21-13 win.

Nick and Chris Caporale (Big Bend, Wis.) took top honors in the Boys' U-16 Division with a 21-13 victory over Dan Weishar (Midlothian, Ill.) and Kevin Morrison (Oak Forest, Ill.). Branden Clemens (Carmel, Ind.) and Brendan Duff (Lebanon, Ind.) took third place after a 21-17 win.

Casey Berg (Glenview, Ill.) and Matt Wascher (Northfield, Ill.) came in first in the Boys' U-14 Division following a 20-12 victory over Sam Moore (Fort Wayne, Ind.) and Teddy Hesterman (Fort Wayne, Ind.) who settled for second. Parker Saenz (Fort Wayne, Ind.) and Tony Price (Fort Wayne, Ind.) grabbed third place with a 21-10 win.

Kevin O'Boyle (Chicago, Ill.) and Brandon Baranski (Channahon, Ill.) took first place in the Boys' U-12 Division with a 21-18 win.

The East Coast Open was held the following day, Aug. 2, in Rochester, N.Y. and featured teams from Pennsylvania and New York.

Hailee Herc (Eden, N.Y.) and Heather Feldman (Eden, N.Y.) took first place in the Girls' U-18 Division with a 30-15 win over Aubrey Cooke (Rochester, N.Y.) and Lisa Delfs (Canandaigua, N.Y.). Jenna Gilbert (Cambridge, Ontario) and Madison Warnock (Cambridge, Ontario) took third place with a convincing 15-3 win.

In the Girls' U-16 Division Allison Cappellino (Penfield, N.Y.) and Kayla Fessler (Victor, N.Y.) took top honors with a 32-30 over Morgan Bills (Ontario, N.Y.) and MacKenzie Mynter (Caldeonia, N.Y.). Taking third place was the team of Lydia and Gabrielle Ooyama (Fairport, N.Y.), which earned a 16-14 victory.

Gabby Vetere (Henrietta, N.Y.) and Madi Wickens (Rochester, N.Y.) won the Girls' U-14 Division. They beat Rebecca Gainsburg (Pittsford, N.Y.) and Erica Cappellino (Penfield, N.Y.) 30-20. Whitney Hurlburst (Elkland, Pa.) and Hailey Blenecowe (Painted Post, N.Y.) took third place with a 15-13 triumph.

The Girls' U-12 Division was won by Rebecca Gainsburg (Pittsford, N.Y.) and Erica Cappellino (Penfield, N.Y.) who beat Alexi Booth (Quarryville, Pa.) and Autumn Keller (Quarryville, Pa.) 21-11.

Robbie Page (Rochester, N.Y.) and Mike Pelletier (Albany, N.Y.) won the Boys' U-18 Division 30-24 defeating Dave Evans (Rochester, N.Y.) and Ryan Dangler (Rochester, N.Y.). Greg Witkowski (Webster, N.Y.) and Bryan Eckler (Webster, N.Y.) came in third place with a 15-12 win.

Joe and Gage Worsley (Fairport, N.Y.) won the Boys' U-14 Division, but competed in the Girl's U-16 Division.

The next event on the USA Beach Junior Tour is the Pacific Open on Aug. 7-8 in Seaside, Ore.