USA Volleyball Embarks on New Governance Era

Oct. 17, 2008, 10:20 a.m. (ET)

Bill Kauffman
Manager, Media Relations and Publications
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (Oct. 17, 2008) - On the heels of unprecedented medal success at the 2008 Olympic Games in August, USA Volleyball embarks on a new era of governance this week as its new board of directors is seated for the first time at the Colorado Springs Antlers Hilton Hotel Oct. 19-20.

The USAV Board of Directors voted to restructure itself in January 2007 after months of self-evaluation to streamline itself while maintaining representation of all key constituent groups. The new board has been trimmed from 30 voting members to 15 voting members and one non-voting at-large member. In addition, the USAV Executive Committee has been eliminated from the new governance structure. The new Board will take on big picture issues while empowering the national office staff to carry out the mission through feedback from various targeted Assemblies and Commissions.

"USA Volleyball is entering a key transitional period in its history, one that I am optimistic will benefit all our members, regional associations, affiliated organizations and partners," USA Volleyball Chief Executive Officer Doug Beal said. "This new board, with a blend of individuals coming from outside the organization as well as others with recent history with USA Volleyball, is comprised of visionary thinkers who have excelled as leaders in their respective field. I am confident we will move to a board-governed, staff-managed structure smoothly and efficiently."

The new USAV Board of Directors are Ken Cain (Regional Volleyball Association Director), Mike Carter (Officials' Director), John Dunning (Coaching Director), Dave Gentile (Junior Elite Indoor Director), Jason Hodell (National Beach Tour Director), Karch Kiraly (Elite/Development Beach Director), Jon Lee (Regional Volleyball Association Director), Dr. Ted Leland (Indoor High Performance Director), Sarah Noriega (Indoor Athlete Director), Reid Priddy (Indoor Athlete Director), Adam Rymer (Independent Director), David Schreff (Independent Director), Sean Scott (Beach Athlete Director), Steve Simpson (Independent Director), Tyra Turner (Beach Athlete Director) and Kevin Twohig (At-Large Director, non-voting). Twohig, elected from the previous board, Cain, Gentile and Lee are the only returning Board members. (see chart below for career positions)

A significant amount of time for this first Board Meeting will deal with transition issues to the new governance structure, as well as filling positions on the various committees of the Board (Finance and Budget, Audit, Nominating Governance and Ethics & Eligibility).

"The USA Volleyball Board of Directors will be smaller, meet more frequently and hopefully be able to react more quickly to opportunities and needed decision-making issues," Beal said. "Although I feel our previous Board structure served the organization well for many years and those former Board members deserve enormous credit for where we are now, this new Board and its structure can allow the organization to move confidently and aggressively into the challenging new world of sports and new media from a global perspective."

As one of the final products under the previous governance structure, USA Volleyball hosted its fall meetings involving the Regional Operations Division (ROD) and the Youth and Junior Olympic Volleyball Division (YJOVD) Oct. 10-12 in Colorado Springs. The two Divisions discussed the transition into Assembly structures and how Commissions would be implemented.

The ROD elected Delta Region Commissioner Joe Williams as the Regional Volleyball Assembly (RVA) chair. Judy Praska, commissioner of the North Country Region, was tabbed as the associate RVA chair. Rod Prater, commissioner of the North Texas Region, and Sue Mailhot, commissioner of the Great Plains Region, were elected as Joint Administration Council representatives. Nancy Funk, the Pioneer Region office manager and official, was selected as the Nominating and Governance Committee representative. All five individuals were elected for a four-year term corresponding to the Olympic quadrennial. John Bryant, commissioner of Puget Sound and a national referee and scorekeeper, was appointed to be the RVA's representative to the Rules Testing Commission.

"It has been a great four-year ride as vice president of the ROD," Lee said following the USAV Meetings. "I am very proud that the commissioners have taken their role very seriously and look with anticipation as to how the future operations may affect them."

In addition, the ROD agreed to retain its four standing committees (Competition Committee, Compliance Committee, Insurance Committee, Structure and Finance Committee) and the four zone committees (Pacific, Atlantic, Border and Central) in the new RVA structure. The ROD made a number of recommendations for the new RVA chair and leadership, including possibly moving the October operational meetings in time and location.

During the ROD meetings, ESIX was approved to continue as the insurance broker for 2009-2012. The ROD also approved a change in the start of the volleyball season from Nov. 1 to Sept. 1, which will not take effect until such time as ESIX can approve the insurance coverage transition and receives USA Volleyball Board of Directors approval. The ROD also accepted the majority of the national office staff's recommendations regarding a new schedule for membership data transfer.

The YJOVD also approved its structure moving forward to the Junior Assembly format. Andy Reitinger, Dallas Premier Volleyball Club Director and a member of the North Texas Region Board of Directors, was appointed by Beal to serve as the USAV Junior Assembly chair under the new governance structure. Reitinger and John Armuth, current YJOVD Interface Commission chair, will serve on the new Joint Administrative Council.

The USAV General Forum of the Junior Assembly will meet annually in May. The Junior Assembly will consist of up to two voting representatives from each member organization. Representatives should be closely affiliated with a junior club and/or junior program within the member organization.

Three Junior Advisory Committees - Indoor Events Advisory Committee, Grass Roots Development Advisory Committee and Elite Development Advisory Committee -will provide input to appropriate staff and commissions as to the current thinking of the junior community. As part of the transition methodology, the interim Indoor Events Advisory Committee chair will be elected by the current Competition Commission. The Interim Grassroots Advisory Committee chair, Chris Clauss, will be the current Commission chair. The Interim Elite Development Advisory Committee chair, Bill Hamiter, will be the current chair.

USA Volleyball Board of Directors
Board Members (Director Position - Career Position)

  • Ken Cain (Regional Volleyball Association - Commissioner, Southern Region Volleyball Association)
  • Mike Carter (Officials - Indoor and Beach Referee)
  • John Dunning (Coaching - Head Women’s Coach, Stanford University)
  • Dave Gentile (Junior Elite Indoor - Executive VP, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City)
  • Jason Hodell (National Beach Tour - Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer, AVP)
  • Karch Kiraly (Elite/Development Beach - Olympic Indoor and Beach Volleyball Gold Medalist)
  • Jon Lee Regional (Volleyball Association - Commissioner, Evergreen Region)
  • Dr. Ted Leland (Indoor High Performance - VP of University Advancement, University of the Pacific)
  • Sarah Noriega (Indoor Athlete - Former U.S. Women’s National Indoor Team Player)
  • Reid Priddy (Indoor Athlete - Two-Time U.S. Olympic Men’s Indoor Team Player)
  • Adam Rymer (Independent - Sr. Vice President of Digital Platforms, Universal Pictures)
  • David Schreff (Independent - Owner/President, Bedare LLC)
  • Sean Scott (Beach Athlete - Beach Athlete)
  • Steve Simpson (Independent - Sr. VP/General Manager, Fox Sports Network, Prime Ticket)
  • Tyra Turner (Beach Athlete - Beach Athlete)
  • Kevin Twohig (At-Large - General Manager, Spokane Arena)