IMPACT and Clinic Thoughts

Nov. 18, 2008, 10:52 a.m. (ET)

Having just done three IMPACT Webinars and a clinic for the Columbia Empire Region, including watching Saturday nite's 6A Oregon State Championships Showdown between Jesuit and West Linn...some core thoughts come to mind with what I am sharing, and want to pass along to all.

My Top 3 Books right now, reading and re-reading...

Talent and the Secret Life of Teams – Terry Pettit, available December 1, 2008, to get it. Terry was kind enough to email me a printers copy to review. Get a copy for the club.

The Man Watching – by Tim Cruthers, the biography of Anson Dorrance, from any online retailer. -

The Origins of the Competitive Cauldron, Gender differences in coaching and much more. I got Sean O'Neill to get a copy a couple of years ago - he was a USA Table Tennis Olympian who also coaches Paralympic Table Tennis, and in Beijing was the NBC color person for the Table Tennis competition. I will never forget his late nite call, "cursing" me saying, that he could not put it down, and was only to page 186, and it was already the best coaching book he had ever read.

Fooled by Randomness, N. Taleb, (ties into the articles Decisions Decisions and the Tea Leaves of Sports Talk). I will just let Fortune magazine's back of the book statement sum it up for me here..."One of the Smartest Books of All Time..."

I also bought The Snowball, Warren Buffett and the Business of Life - by Alice Schroeder. "Life is like a snowball. The important thing is finding wet snow and a really long hill." -- Warren Buffett. My gosh, this tome makes Harry Potter books look thin - it is 960 back-bending pages. So I am leaving it by my bedside and plan to start it over the holidazes.

My Top You Tube Video to share and watch “What do Teachers Make” by Taylor Mali. His other talks about “The Impotence of Proofreading” and several others are also great to listen to.

My IMPACT Four Cornerstones

GAMELIKE – As in train in reality, based on Motor Skill research

CONTACTS PER HOUR – Kids learn by doing, not by watching

PARENTING=COACHING=TEACHING – So all the ideas and thoughts shared are based in the principals of teaching

EFFORT AND MASTERY OVER OUTCOME – As winning is more important based on a how won, and the result of who you played… Add in the most important skill in volleyball....READING the play (and the game BETWEEN contacts) and you start to get to If you have any questions, or new ideas to share, please comment.

The USAV Grassroots Commission that I head up, and others will answer all questions and pass along all ideas shared to grow our sport all over the USA. Again thanks for coaching. I hope that the ideas shared help you on your road to become the best coach you can be (while not comparing yourself to others) – while never being your athlete’s last coach.

Best wishes in the season ahead, and keep in touch.


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