2008 USA Volleyball High Performance Championships Event Starts July 23

July 22, 2008, 4:14 p.m. (ET)

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (July 22, 2008) – The 2008 USA Volleyball High Performance Championships event heats up in Tucson, Ariz., as 83 teams in six divisions will compete for titles from July 23-27. Matches will take place on 15 courts in the Tucson Convention Center.

For the second year in a row, the USA Volleyball High Performance Championships will combine both the boys’ and girls’ events into one concurrent tournament format. Titles up for grabs for girls include Girls’ International Junior, Girls’ International Youth, Girls’ National Youth and Girls’ National Select. Championships to be contested for boys include the Boys’ International Youth and Boys’ National Select.

Admission for spectators to the event will be $8 daily or a 5-day tournament pass may be purchased for $32.

Age divisions for all USA High Performance Programs: Women’s Junior – born on and after Jan. 1, 1989; Girls’ Youth – Born on and after Jan. 1, 1992; Girls’ Select – born on and after Jan. 1, 1994; Men’s Junior – born on and after Jan. 1, 1989; Boys’ Youth – born on and after Jan. 1, 1991; Boys’ Select – born on and after Jan. 1, 1993.

Pool play for all divisions will take place July 23-25. Bracket play for all divisions will take place on July 26 with the finals of all International Divisions settled that day. Championships for the National Divisions will be completed on July 27.

USA Volleyball will field 21 teams from its High Performance pipeline, including six in the Women’s International Junior Division, six in the Girls’ International Division, five in the Boys’ International Youth Division and four in the Boys’ National Youth/Select Division.

Out of the 40 USA Volleyball Regions, 19 regions will be represented at the 2008 USA Volleyball High Performance Championships. The Aloha Region and Northern California Region have placed five teams in the event, while Carolina Region, Florida Region and Southern California Region all have four teams competing. Host Arizona Region has three teams among the field, as does Gulf Coast Region, Iowa Region and Ohio Valley Region. Other regions competing in the event are Badger Region, Chesapeake Region, Delta Region, Garden Empire Region, Intermountain Region, Iroquois Empire Region, Lakeshore Region, Oklahoma Region, Puget Sound Region and Sun Country Region.

In addition, Chile, Canada, Peru and Puerto Rico have sent a total of 12 teams to compete in the USA High Performance Championships. Puerto Rico has a total of six teams entered.

On the eve of the event’s first serve, an Opening Ceremonies and dinner buffet will be held in the Grand Ballroom of the Tucson Convention Center the evening of July 22.

The USA High Performance Volleyball Championships is being hosted locally by Metropolitan Tucson Convention and Visitors Bureau, Joseph Volleyball Camps, Inc., and the Arizona Region.

For additional information the USA Volleyball High Performance Championships, click here.

USA Volleyball High Performance Pipeline Teams (all team rosters with jersey numbers will be included in the event program)

USA Women’s Junior Red (Women’s International Junior Division): Alexandra Palmer (S, Laguna Beach, Calif.); Gabrielle Gray (S, Cincinnati, Ohio); Madie Jones (OH, Plano, Texas); Jordan Meredith (OH/L, Honolulu, Hawaii); Morgan Odale (OH, Star, Idaho); Erin Johnson (MB, Crystal Lake, Ill.); Andrea Beck (MB, Winston-Salem, N.C.); Maile Scarpino (L, Kailua, Hawaii); Jessica Jendryk (OH, Wheaton, Ill.). Coaches: Jon Stevenson and Aven Lee.

USA Women’s Junior White (Women’s International Junior Division): Cheyenne Keanini (S, Kailua, Hawaii); Bojana Todorovic (S, Irvine, Calif.); Rachel Kidder (OH, Moorpark, Calif.); Jesse Miedema (OH, Huron, Ohio); Jaklyn Wheeler (OH, Redding, Calif.); Anicia Santos (MB, Frisco, Colo.); Torri Campbell (MB, Amarillo, Texas); Gabrielle Lutjan (MB, Smithtown, N.Y.); Jordanne LeTourneau (L, McHenry, Ill.); Remy McBain (OPP, Leonia, N.J.). Coaches: Eric Lazowski and Jenny Robinson.

USA Women’s Junior Blue (Women’s International Junior Division): McKenzie Odale (S, Star, Idaho); Kate Harris (S, Lee’s Summit, Mo.); Emily Lucas (OH, Sublette, Kan.); Carly Ledbetter (OH, Hilton Head, S.C.); Alyssa Dwyer (MB, Gilbert, Ariz.); Kylee Terhune (MB, Albuquerque, N.M.); Azarri Badawi (MB, Fresno, Calif.); Kelly Colyar (L, Saratoga, Calif.); Courtney Cunningham (MB/OPP, Chicago, Ill.); Alexa Manuel (OPP, Eden Prairie, Minn.). Coaches; Jeff Grove and Blaine Tendler.

USA Girls’ Youth Red (Women’s International Junior Division): Lauren Plum (S, Poway, Calif.); Stephanie Holthus (OH, Elgin, Ill.); Sarah Palmer (L, Kailua, Hawaii); Krista Vansant (OH, Redlands, Calif.); Jane Croson (OH, Lakewood, Calif.); Elizabeth McMahon (MB, Liberty Township, Ohio); Haley Cameron (MB, LaJolla, Calif.); Adrienne Gehan (MB/OH, Dallas, Texas). Coaches Melissa Wolters and Sam Shweisky.

USA Girls’ Youth White (Women’s International Junior Division): Nicole Willis (OH/OPP, Raleigh, N.C.); Hannah Allison (S, Siloam Springs, Ark.); Taylor Akana (L, Kaneohe, Hawaii); Anna Dorn (MB, Munster, Ind.); Samantha Wopat (OH, Goleta, Calif.); Haleigh Hampton (MB, Canyon Lake, Calif.); Katie Messing (MB, The Woodlands, Calif.); Eve Ettinger (OH, Santa Barbara, Calif.). Coaches: Steve Walker and Christie Landry.

USA Girls’ Youth Blue (Women’s International Junior Division): Christine Sicktich (S, Orange, Texas); Caitlin Schumacher (L, Crystal Lake, Ill.); Taylor Milton (OH/OPP, San Diego, Calif.); Nicole Smith (OH, Franklin, Tenn.); Alyssa Squires (S, Santa Ynez, Calif.); Kayla Walton (MB, St. Petersburg, Fla.); Hayley Lawless (OH/OPP, Tempe, Ariz.); Ariel Scott (MB, Ridgewood, N.J.). Coach: Jason Tanaka.

USA Girls’ Youth Gold (Girls’ International Youth Division): Kaylynn Genemaras (S, Metarie, La.); Courtney Cook (OH, Fremont, Neb.); Lauren Metzger (L, North Tonawanda, N.Y.); Emily Wilson (MB, Omaha, Neb.); Avery Striebel (OH, Raleigh, N.C.); Emily Young (Schaumburg, Ill.); Morgan Hendrix (OH, Lakeway, Texas); Megan Anders (MB, Folsom, Calif.); Elise Walch (MB/OH, Palm City, Calif.). Coaches: Kristina Hernandez and Scott Blackmon.

USA Girls’ Youth Silver (Girls’ International Youth Division): Lauren Teknipp (MB, Concord Township, Ohio); Camille Coffey (OH, Sierra Madre, Calif.); Morgan Ogorzaly (OH, Omaha, Neb.); Kasey Kavanaugh (S, Chugiak, Alaska); Lexie Pawlik (S, Granger, Ind.); Raegan Shelton (OH, Hereford, Texas); B. Blair Fuentez (OH, Ridgewood, N.J.); Madeline Gaffney (MB, League City, Texas). Coach: Katie Virtue.

USA Girls’ Youth Bronze (Girls’ International Youth Division): Shelby Young (OH, Lincoln, Calif.); Alexandra Santi (S, Honolulu, Hawaii); Mallorie Pardo (S, League City, Texas); Mackenzie Mayo (L, Lakeway, Texas); Jazmyn Ray (OH, Seattle, Wash.); Sarah Hanna (OH, Issaquah, Wash.); Hanah Blume (OH, Columbia, Calif.); LaTasha Sampson-Akpan (MB, Fairlawn, Ohio); Sara Myers (MB, McKinney, Texas). Coaches: Louella Maxwell and Daryl Tamashiro.

USA Girls’ Select Blue (Girls’ International Youth Division): Kendall Pierce (L, Eden, N.Y.); Danielle Salka (S, Los Angeles, Calif.); Chloe Collins (S, Cypress, Texas); Sara Blasier (S, Hartford, Wis.); Angela Lowak (OH, New Braunfels, Texas); Madeleine Klineman (OH, Manhattan Beach, Calif.); Emily Barber (MB, Zionsville, Ind.); Laura Jones (MB, Plano, Texas); Lydia Ely (MB, Florissant, Mo.). Coaches: Erik Sullivan and Jen Oldenburg.

USA Girls’ Select Red (Girls’ International Youth Division): Chelsey Keoho (L, Kailua, Hawaii); Allison Palmer (S, Laguna Beach, Calif.); Lauren Sieckmann (S, Omaha, Neb.); Katarina Schultz (OH, Phoenix, Ariz.); Mylan Eugene (OH, Houston, Texas); Brittany Howard (OH, Los Altos, Calif.); Jordan Burgess (OH, Fort Myers, Fla.); Matalee Reed (MB, Dallas, Texas); Melanie Wade (MB, Palo Alto, Calif.); Sierra Patrick (MB, Austin, Texas). Coaches: Charlene Tagaloa-Johnson and Rod Wilde.

USA Girls’ Select White (Girls’ International Youth Division): Ashlee Asada (L, Honolulu, Hawaii); Berkley Whaley (OH, St. Petersburg, Fla.); Madison Bugg (S, Apex, N.C.); Andie Malloy (S, Allen, Texas); Katy Beals (OH, Austin, Texas); Gigi Cresto (OH, San Diego, Calif.); Midori Harrison (OH, Euclid, Ohio); Krissi Fitzpatrick (MB, Washington, Mo.); Regan Peltier (MB, Nixa, Mo.); Alyssa Mason (MB, Highland, Calif.). Coaches: Matt Botsford and Erin Virtue.

USA Boys’ Youth Blue (Boys’ International Youth Division): Matt Houlihan (OH, San Jose, Calif.); Steve Carrington (OH, Northbrook, Ill.); Joe Davidson (OH, Crystal Lake, Ill.); Ricky Budar (L, Honolulu, Hawaii); Travis Woloson (S, Laguna Beach, Calif.); Kyle Rehkemper (MB, Rolling Hills Est., Calif.); Jack Geary (MB, Milwaukee, Wis.); Eric Liederbach (MB, Mundelein, Ill.); Pete Heinen (S, Wauwatosa, Wis.). Coach: Kevin Ring.

USA Boys’ Youth Gold (Boys’ International Youth Division): Peter Russell (OH, Ellicott City, Md.); Clayton Morante (OH, Keaau, Hawaii); Evan Acanfora (OH, Lakeview, N.Y.); Shane Welch (MB, Coral Springs, Fla.); Chris Ahlin (MB, Winnetka, Ill.); Chris Temple (OPP, Highwood, Ill.); Matt Bagnard (OH, Pacific Palisades, Calif.); Christian Kahookaulana (S, Pahoa, Hawaii); Tien Le (S, Carlsbad, Calif.). Coach: Fred Chao.

USA Boys’ Youth White (Boys’ International Youth Division): Paul Goodman (OH, Tustin, Calif.); Jeremy Dejno (OH, New Berlin, Wis.); Scott Sakaida (L, Honolulu, Hawaii); James Connolly (MB, Palos Park, Ill.); Nick Turko (MB, Lewisberry, Pa.); Tom Comfort (OPP, Orchard Park, N.Y.); Tyler Tanaka (OH, Kailua, Hawaii); BJ Boldog (S, Paltine, Ill.); Simon Holstein (L, Glencoe, Ill.). Coach: Chad McDole.

USA Boys’ Youth Red (Boys’ International Youth Division): Luke Ammerman (OH, Parker, Colo.); Reis Foster (OH, Chicago, Ill.); Rhett Cash (L, Westlake, Ohio); Randy Rye (MB, San Diego, Calif.); Rob Feathers (MB, Pacific Palisades, Calif.); David Johnson (MB, Glenview, Ill.); Taylor Donovan (OPP, Kailua, Hawaii); Taylor Crabb (S, Honolulu, Hawaii); Chris Trefzger (S, Orange, Calif.). Coaches: Matt Martin and Kevin Moore.

USA Boys’ Youth Silver (Boys’ National Youth/Select Division): Tom Kemper (OH, Fairport, N.Y.), Jace Olsen (OH, Manhattan Beach, Calif.); Matt Elgin (MB, Farmington, N.Y.); Rudy Brynac (MB, Fenton, Mo.); Tyler Kulakowski (MB, Huntington Beach, Calif.); Scott Hartley (OPP, Carlsbad, Calif.); Max McFarland (OH, Manhattan Beach, Calif.); Rob Lothman (S, Glendale, Mo.); Connor Curry (L, Newport Beach, Calif.). Coaches: Jeremy Price and Gary Moore.

USA Boys’ Select Blue (Boys’ National Youth/Select Division): Austin Rysyk (MB, San Jose, Calif.); Benjamin Morrison (S, Midlothian, Va.); Christian Johnston (OH, Chester, Va.); Christopher Orenic (OPP, Manhattan Beach, Calif.); Eric McCarthy (L, Villa Park, Ill.); Francis Berrios (MB, Tampa, Fla.); Kyle Dagostino (L, Tampa, Fla.); Owen McAndrews (MB, Avon Lake, Ohio); Robert Huang (S, Gaithersburg, Md.); Tom Knapp-Ramos (S, Carlsbad, Calif.); Trevor Novotny (OH, Waukesha, Wis.). Coaches: Travis Turner and Brad Keller.

USA Boys’ Select Gold (Boys’ National Youth/Select Division): Brendan Chang (L, Laytonsville, Md.); Darren Kilby (OH, Midlothian, Va.); Etan Bennett (MB, Rochester, N.Y.); Kurtis Mirick (S, Manhattan Beach, Calif.); Matthew Klingspohn (OH, Glendale, Wis.); Nathan Knuutila (OPP, Allen, Texas); Scotty Adamczyk (L, Park Ridge, Ill.); Shane Dyer (MB, Rolling Hills, Calif.); Steve O’Dell (S, Rochester, N.Y.); Tyler Hinaman (S, Grand Island, N.Y.). Coaches: Ken Shibuya and Shane Davis.

USA Boys’ Select Red (Boys’ National Youth/Select Division): Cody Caldwell (OH, Newport Beach, Calif.); DJ White (OH, Manhattan Beach, Calif.); Evan Clark Dean (MB/OPP, Corona Del Mar, Calif.); Greg Petty (MB, Downers Grove, Ill.); Ian Sequeira (L, Newport Beach, Calif.); John La Rusch (OPP, Long Beach, Calif.); Matthew West (S, Seattle, Wash.); Rusty Sary (OH, Costa Mesa, Calif.). Coaches: Charlie Sullivan and J.T. Wenger.

USA Boys’ Select White (Boys’ National Youth/Select Division): Aaron Russell (MB, Ellicott City, Md.); Brenden Togioka (L, Long Beach, Calif.); Cody Trueblood (OPP, Clovis, Calif.); Connor Keating (MB, Dousman, Wis.); Daniel Glamack (OH, Victor, N.Y.); David Priest (S, Wheaton, Ill.); Erik Reed (OPP, Long Beach, Calif.); Marci Chartrand (OH, Carol Stream, Ill.); Peter Hutz (S, Whitefish Bay, Wis.); Zack Proctor (OH, Manhattan Beach, Calif.). Coaches: Jonah Carson and Matt Diaz.