USA Girls' Youth Team Going for Gold

July 10, 2008, 9:42 p.m. (ET)
July 10, 2008 * Puerto Rico

Set One:
USA starts Wittman and Orozco on the Outside, Wopat at opposite and Thomas setting, Denney and Dixon in the middle and Bonilla as Libero. USA and MEX back and forth for the first four points. Wittman with some powerful kills and a block by Denney, USA leads 8-5 into the technical. USA comes out of the time out strong climbing to a 6 point lead forcing MEX into a timeout 15-9. Dixon with a stuff-block for a technical two 16-9 lead. USA With two block and a kill out of the timeout 19-10. Mexico rallies to bring the score within 7 and Stone calls his second timeout of the tournament for USA. USA with a block and MEX calls a timeout 21-13. USA continues to spread the points 22-15. MEX wins a long rally and sub in a new server. Mexico has the momentum but is stopped by a block from Wittman. Block by Orozco and USA has set point 24-16. Wopat with a kill on an X play for set one 25-17.

Set Two:
USA makes no changes to the line-up. Mexico gives us the first three points with errors. With a hitting error by Wittman Mexico is on the board 1-3. Dig by Bonilla and Dixon with a kill heads back to serve. Several big defensive plays and USA Powers to a 8-2 lead at technical one. Thomas service error and MEX subs a setter and opposite. It takes four swing to get the ball on our side by MEX and they get the kill taking the within five. MEX 7 - USA 13. USA block continues to break up Mexico’s momentum. MEX calls timeout at 14-7. Two errors after the timeout by USA. Mexico continues to fight as each rally is several times back and forth. USA leads 16-11 into the Technical two. Reeves in for Wittman and Scullion in for Wopat across the back. USA climbs to a 18-13 lead. Wopat back in the match big with another X kill out of the middle. Mexico calls timeout trailing by seven. Thomas to serve, Orozco with a dig and reeves is blocked. Wopat kill from the right USA leads 21-14. Dig by Bonilla and Denney houses a backrow attack for point 22. Reeves with a service ace takes us to Set two point. Huge rundown by Reeves keep the ball alive and Mexico hitting error seals set two. USA 25 – MEX 14.

Set three:
Reeves is in for Wittman as the only change for USA. Kill exchange by both teams. Blocking error by Reeves follow by a kill 2-2. Denney/Wopat block for point three and USA serves in the net. Reeves with a kill and then a service error. USA keep Mexico in the match with errors. Kill by Orozco followed by service error from Denney to keep the score tied 5-5. Two blocks by USA and Wopat with an ace serve USA leads 8-5 at the technical. Good rallies with two digs by USA ended by Orozco hitting long. Dixon with an off-speed kill. Mexico fights to stay within two. They are starting to move the ball around the block. USA holds the lead of two 12-10. seven times across the net and Mexico is within one. USA struggles to put together offense for several plays. USA stays ahead by two but needs to attack. Dixon with a kill for 16-14 lead into technical two. Dixon currently hitting a .570. USA has 13 block to 2 and 38-19 kills over MEX. Service Error by USA after the timeout. Dig by Wopat and Reeves with ta chop into the middle. Blocking by USA continues to challenge MEX. Reeves tags the corner in zone one for point 19. Mexico hitting error from their back row give USA a three point lead 20-17. MEX takes a timeout. USA with a much needed stronger offense after the timeout. Kill by Reeves followed by two big jump serves. Net violation on USA brings MEX back within two but a kill by Orozco and hitting error by MEX gives USA match point. Serve by Orozco and huge Stuff block by Wopat-Dixon USA wins 25-20. USA sweeps NORCECA undefeated.

Carly Wopat Blog:

Carly Wopat. Photo copyrighted by USA VolleyballThe trip is great! I have not been able to kill anyone yet because they all stand too deep on the court. So, I just end up bouncing my hits over their heads. Maybe tonight.

It’s pretty hot and there are some random rain storms, but otherwise, the weather is really nice. All 12 of us have been staying in a cabin with bunk beds, so we have had a lot of fun and made lots of great memories, including the occasional cockroach.

Yesterday we got up at 7:45 a.m. and ate breakfast, then watched film on Puerto Rico, and practiced hard. After practice we got to go swimming in the pool which was super fun, except that they wouldn’t let us go off the high dive. The rest of the afternoon, we prepared for our big match against Puerto Rico and did laundry and stuff.

Then our awesome bus driver, Willy, picked us up at 5:30 p.m. and drove us to the place where our match was held at 8 p.m. On the way we listened to our favorite Puerto Rican song called “Gasolina” and raced the Puerto Rican’s bus to the gym.

We played well even with the huge cheering crowd supporting Puerto Rico, and won the match in three games! Mexico also won their match against the Dominican Republic, so they are our competition for today’s final match.

Today, we had a very similar morning and ate breakfast, watched film on Mexico, and practiced. We got all excited, because someone told us we would be getting hamburgers and fries for lunch, but it was still our most favorite meal of rice, chicken and beans.

Then, we tried to pet the dog that wanders around the Olympic training complex where we are staying. Someone spray-painted him blue, which is pretty sad, but he let us pet him and we fed him our beans and chicken. Our room was really messy, so we packed and cleaned, because after the final match we will all be going with our parents back to their hotels and then flying back home in the morning.

Right now, we are waiting for Willy to pick us up and are getting pumped up for the match. We will win. Go USA!!

Madelyn Hutson Blog

Madelyn Hutson. Photo copyrighted by USA VolleyballToday we had our last practice, last trip up the giant hill after flim, and last meal of rice and beans. But, we got to trade shirts with Puerto Rico and Mexico. Erica got the sleeveless blue shirt from Puerto Rico, which was the best one! It’s Awesome!

Yesterday after practice we talked to the kids that are here for summer camp. Some of them are so cute! We taught them to say “AWESOME!” And they totally are! We also got facebooks from the Puerto Rican volleyball and soccer teams! This whole trip has been awesome, and I’m sad to go home, but first we’ll have to beat Mexico!!!! WHOOO!