Rob Browning with the U.S. Men at World League

July 04, 2008, 8:29 p.m. (ET)
Going with tradition, Team USA saved the biggest and best fireworks for
the end of the night, holding on to win a tightly contested match won in
5 sets.

Some highlights…

-At 20-19 in the first set, Phil Eatherton came in for Riley Salmon as a
blocking sub. With David Lee serving and Clay Stanley, Ryan Millar and
Eatherton blocking, Spain set a ball to their left side, which went off
Stanley’s block and kept in play on Spain’s side. Spain then set a ball
to their right side, where Millar, blocking as an outside with Eatherton
in the middle, made a huge stuff to end the rally and give USA some more
breathing room.

-In the 3rd set, Ryan Millar, again taking advantage of an opportunity
in unusual circumstances, found himself as an outside hitter in
transition and took a tight set and wiped it off the Spanish block and
out of bounds for a USA point.

-Everyone got in the match for USA.

The matches are being played in Telefonica arena, built early this
decade in hopes of hosting the 2012 Olympics, which were awarded to
London. Madrid is now one of four cities pinning its hopes on hosting
the 2016 games. Chicago, Rio de Janeiro, and Tokyo are the other three.
Telefonica Arena would be the venue for basketball if Madrid is awarded
the 2016 Games.