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July 03, 2008, 10:36 a.m. (ET)

June 30, 2008

Second leg down. Wake up time 3:33 am to start another 26 hour travel day! Good bye Warclow, Poland and Kate our wonderful translator. Also we had to say good bye to coach Li, Gen-san and Angie. They are heading back to C. Springs while Tom and Robyn will join us in Chinese Taipei.

Danielle Scott-Arruda. Photo copyrighted by USA VolleyballWell, the time went by quickly. Especially with my friends Marta and Mattia from Italy visiting. We won all three matches, finishing first in our second week of the Grand Prix preliminary play. And actually we moved to second overall. Right now we are looking pretty good for making the final round hosted in Yokahoma, Japan. The finalist will be top five plus Japan. The final match of the weekend was quite a fun match playing Poland in front of their home crowd. There were red and white banners and cards being waved all around the arena and then the one lone but large USA flag. Yeah, GO USA! The crowd was not to be quieted even as we dominated the match. I scored on 8 of my 9 attempts and had two blocks. Heather was named MVP. Yesterday Kim G was named MVP and Friday’s match Lindsay was the MVP.

This week we will play Poland, Turkey and Italy. Our team seems to be improving. Italy will be a challenge and measure as to how much we’ve improved and what else we need to work on as we approach the finals.

I have a few pictures I would like to post but they are too large for my website. I will have to see if I can have the size maximum increased.

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June 28th, 2008

Want to see the last exhibition match against Brazil played on June 14,2008? Well, here is your chance. see USA Volleyball play on Sunday June 29 at noon ET MSNBC and on NBCOlympics.com.

We beat Thailand on yesterday in four sets. Should have could have beaten them in three. But to their credit they did play a lot better the third set serving tougher and running more combos. I saw action first, second and fourth sets. I hit 7 of 7 attacking and added four blocks to our victory. Today we have Dominican Republic our NORCECA rival RRRRrrrrr.



June 27th, 2008

Well howdy do…We are already in the second week of Grand Prix. The summer started with an A/B team going to Pan Am Cup in Mexicali who did a great job in qualifying USA for the 2009 Grand Prix. GO USA! Then Brazil arrived in Colorado for three exhibition matches all pre agreed upon that five sets would be played instead of the normal best of five match series. Well the first two matches were thrillers. Those two matches were taken to the fifth set because the sets were tied two all. Brazil (ranked number one in the world) won the first match. While USA (ranked fourth in the world) won the second match. The third and final exhibition match was dominated by the Brazilian. They won four set to our one.

After the first leg of the Grand Prix hosted in Kobe, Japan we finished in a very close second place with Japan finishing third by one point! Turkey had a surprise first place finish thanks to our lost to them in our opening match. I think our team has made some adjustments, and gotten out the first match jitters. I am looking forward to some great matches this week against in Wrocraw, Poland verses Thailand, Dominican Republic and Poland.

OH, oh! two of my friends from the land of Chieri, Italy have come to show their support for me and team USA, Marta and her brother Mattia. So wonderful to see them. It has been two years! Too long! They of course know also Kim Willoughby, Jen Joins, Logan Tom who also played in Chieri, as well as Heather Bown, and Lindsey Berg who have played many years in the Italian League.

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