U.S. Women Quotes from Olympic Games Gold-Medal Match

Aug. 23, 2008, 1:59 p.m. (ET)

Lindsey Berg - Setter
“The gold-medal match is always bittersweet for the loser. We’ve got to look at it as, ‘We got here and won a silver medal.’ Nobody expected it. We knew deep down inside that we were that good. We came out here in this tournament and fought our hearts out.”

"We played the No. 1 team in the world and we fought. And we actually got a game off of them. We could have taken them to five."

"We’re just thrilled. It’s hard because we end with a loss. But we got a silver medal at the Olympic Games. Something that nobody on our team has ever gotten. It’s been a wonderful experience."

Kim Glass - Outside Hitter
“Getting to the gold-medal match is unreal so this is great for me. USA Volleyball is very close in family. We got so many emails from people all over the place. It’s deeper than the 12 girls that play on the court.”

Nicole Davis - Libero
“It’s been an incredible run. I’m just so proud of how well this team has done. It was a true team effort and that makes it more special.”

“We all know that Brazil is a great team…they don’t have many weaknesses. We knew we’d have to fight to win this one and they were just better.”

Stacy Sykora - Defensive Specialist
“I’ve played three Olympics, and we finally didn’t come up short. We would have loved the gold, but I’m the happiest person in the world right now.”

“Brazil played amazing. We fought hard, but we didn’t have enough. It was a dog fight, but they just came out on top.”

Lang Ping - Head Coach
“I’d like to congratulate my team, my assistants, my players. I think they had a very good tournament. I’d also like to congratulate China. They won a medal, too.”

“We knew the match was going to be very difficult. Brazil is definitely the best team in this tournament."

"I’d like to congratulate Brazil. It was a wonderful performance. They’ve been working so many years. Actually they had lots of chances, but this time they got it."

"In this tournament, six or eight teams are really close. If you are a player standing on the court trying to fight eery match, emotionally you have to do a lot."

"Tomorrow, I’m going to start my vacation. Thanks to my daughter for supporting me."