Walsh, May-Treanor go to 2-0 in beach volleyball

Aug. 11, 2008, 10:54 p.m. (ET)

BEIJING (AP) Athens gold medalists Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor cruised to a 2-0 record in the beach volleyball round-robin Tuesday, dispatching a pair of three-time Olympians from Cuba in straight sets.

With their 103rd consecutive victory, the Americans are virtually assured of reaching the Round of 16 that begins Friday.

Walsh and May-Treanor beat Dalixia Fernandez Grasset and Tamara Larrea 21-15, 21-16. The Cubans, ninth-place finishers in both Athens and Sydney, fell to 1-1.

Walsh, who is married to fellow pro Casey Jennings, covered her wedding ring with a bandage during the match. She lost the ring Sunday in the first game of the round-robin, but it was dug up by a volunteer after venue officials combed the sand with metal detectors and security wands.

"I didn't know I was superstitious about it until I lost it," said Walsh, who had already called her husband and asked him to have another made so he can bring it to China when he comes out on Thursday.

Walsh met with the volunteer who recovered the ring on Monday, giving him some pins as a thank-you gift. She said she had not taken the ring off since she got it, but it flew off when she went up for a block on a rainy and sweaty night.

"I was upset because I didn't get the block, and then I was upset because I lost my ring," she said.

She looked around for a few seconds, but could not delay the match to get down in the sand to try to find it.

May-Treanor is married to Matt Treanor, a catcher with the Florida Marlins. She does not wear a ring when she plays because her father, Bob May, a member of the 1968 U.S. national indoor volleyball team, told her when she was growing up that long nails and jewelry were out.