*Warm-Up Volleyballs and Ball Carts*

USAV WILL NOT be able to provide warm-up balls & carts on every court this year, as we have for the previous 2 years. With the recent growth of the Girls’ tournament, we do not have the inventory of balls and carts to accommodate all of the teams. However, USAV WILL have balls available for teams to check-out on a first-come, first-serve basis throughout the tournament (they'll need to be checked out on a daily basis, and won't be available to check out for the whole tournament). The person checking out the volleyballs will need to provide a credit card at the time of check-out (there will be a charge for any balls that are checked out and not returned to USAV). The ball check-out area will be located in Hall F by the Championship Desk.

Note: We do not have enough balls to supply every team so it would be wise to bring balls and carts with you.