University Athlete is the official college coach's communication tool for the USA Volleyball Boys' Junior National Championships. 

All player data is extracted from Advanced Event Systems (AES) and supplied to colleges on their PDAs.

Teams that submit incomplete player information are putting their athletes at a disadvantage for recruiting purposes. It is the responsibility of the Team Representative/designee to input the data into the registration system (AES) accurately and completely for all players.  Player information will be supplied to colleges for 14-18 age divisions only.

University Athlete is an important tool for all participants, parents and coaches.  Most colleges obtain important information on student-athletes from data collected by University Athlete.

Attending Schools & Coaches (link coming soon) 

For College Coaches

At a tournament, recruiters can instantly find any player, identify new players, evaluate and take notes without losing valuable time needed to watch courts.  Recruiters can use an iOS, Android or Blackberry unit to access University Athlete.  You can rank athletes and build a custom schedule of those recruits.  You can look up court schedules, get the schedule updated, etc.

The webpage for University Athlete will be up and running in late Spring of 2013.  You need to go to and sign on as a coach from your school and then find the link for the Boys' Junior National Championships in Reno, NV.  If you have any trouble finding the link or registering please contact UA directly for help. 

If you do not have a mobile device that can access Univeristy Athlete, you can request a paper copy of player information directly from University Athlete.


Housing is available through THS, the tournament housing company.  You may either book a room through their website or call the reservations department to make arrangements.

THS Contact Information:

Tracey Diaz
Senior Client Services Manager
Phone: 908-439-6109
Fax: 908-684-2456