Entry Registration


Please note:  ALL U.S. team rosters must be 100% verified via the USAV data import.  Although U.S. teams have the option of entering their team information into AES manually, this does not verify a roster.  Please follow the instructions for Roster Verification at the bottom of this page to complete your team's roster verification.

It is highly recommended that U.S. teams use the USAV data import from the start of your registration in AES.  This will help to save time (not to mention avoid finger cramps) typically used to manually enter all participant's information.  

Club Director/Administrator will have the two options to add member information into AES. One option is to manually enter member information, which will need to be verified by the USAV Import before entry. The second option, and most highly recommended for U.S. teams, is to import member information from Webpoint (USAV Registration Database) using the USAV Import function in AES.

Option 1: Manual Entry - Required for Foreign teams, Optional for U.S. teams

I.  Club Director/Administrator will either manually type in the information or upload the correct file format into the manual importoption.

II.  The records will need to be verifiable through Webpoint prior to National Events (U.S. teams only)

Option 2: USAV Data Import - HIGHLY recommended for ALL U.S. teams as you will have to implement the Import to verify your roster regardless.

In order to import from Webpoint the following needs to be true:

I.  Club Director/Administrator has a current season membership and a valid background screening in Webpoint regardless if region uses Webpoint for registration or not.

II.  Club Director/Administrator needs to have club administrator access privileges to Webpoint. This privilege is either assigned by region, if the region uses Webpoint for registration, or by the National Office for all others.

III.  Only records that meet the import criteria will be included.

      1. Adults:
           a. Current Season Membership in Webpoint
           b. Valid Background Screening information in Webpoint
      2. Juniors:
a. Current Season Membership in Webpoint

Note on Option 2:  You may have to conduct an Import multiple times to pull in all of your players and staff into AES as they become eligible.  Players and staff who are not verified cannot be added to rosters until the above requirements are met.  Therefore, you may have to conduct Imports as their information becomes updated.  If you are having any difficulties with this process or have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Events Department (719.228.6800). 

Step-by-Step Instructions for Entering an Event in AES Utilizing the USAV Data Import

Roster Verification & Import Instructions
(To check if your roster is fully verified or use the instructions to conduct an Import.)

Rosters must be 100% verified by the USAV Data Import.