BCAP Drills

The following drills were submitted to fulfill requirements for Beach CAP certification. 

Over Under Passer Hitter
Kent Perkins   Chula Vista '15
Dig 2
Brian Heffernan  Gulf Shores '13
Young Buck 
Deven Bukoski  Gulf Shores '13
X-Box Competition 
Daren Bolton Gulf Shores '13
Line Block, Line Pull 
Shannon Sneed Chula Vista '11
Defensive Digging 
Michael Del Homme Chula Vista '11
5-5-5 Poke-Shot-Swing 
Eric McGuiney Chesapeake '14
Recovery of Over on One (VIDEO) 
Dave Carstenson AVCA '14
3 Serve Pass to Attack 
Tayyiba Haneef-Park AVCA '14
Double Triangle 
Amber Wise AVCA '14
Block then Attack 
Huy Nguyen AVCA '14
Amber Wise AVCA '14
Grant Lange Gulf Shores '16
Catch Them Flat-Footed (VIDEO)
Kevin McClure  Gulf Shores '16