Indoor IMPACT National Live Webinars


Schedule: Webinars are scheduled once a month. Check the USAV Coaching Education Event Schedule for the next available webinar dates!

Instructors: Varied--typically two instructors. The webinar is interactive and the instructors are live, so feel free to use the chat tool and ask them questions!

Course Length: Approximately 3 hours on the first night and 2.5 hours on the second night. Part 1 content delivered on night 1 and Part 2 content delivered on night 2. Access to the online test will be granted to those who satisfactorily complete both parts of the webinar.

Cost:  SEPT - DEC $50 for Early Reg, $65 for Late Reg
JAN - MAY $65 for Early Reg, $80 for Late Reg
JUN - AUG $80 for Early Reg, $95 for Late Reg

Exam: The certification exam will be available to access 48 hours after the course, after attendance has been verified and both parts of the course have been completed. You must achieve a score of 90% or better.  You will receive user name and password log-in instructions via email immediately after completing the course registration. 

Details: Course access will expire 60 days from the date of registration! It can be stopped or started at your convenience, and is accessible to you at any time during your 60 day window.  On the course deadline date, your access to the course will expire. If you wish to extend your course deadline at that time, you will need to submit a "help desk ticket" at the USAV Education Helpdesk, and all extensions require an additional $25 re-registration fee to open the course for another 60 days.

Materials included: A downloadable (PDF form) Indoor IMPACT Manual will be provided to you in your course documents free of charge. You may purchase a spiral-bound copy online for an additional $18 fee, including shipping, and it will be shipped to you by clicking here. This manual is designed to introduce all coaches to the key elements of being an active USAV Junior Volleyball coach, while improving knowledge and mastery of the material for more experienced coaches. Upon completion of this course, you will also receive your SafeSport certification. 

Content Presented: 

  • Current year IMPACT Manual
  • Coaching Principles/Foundations
  • Motor Skill Learning Theory
  • Communication and Feedback
  • Coaching Philosophy
  • Risk Management and Athlete Safeguards
  • Ethics and Legal Duties
  • Fundamental Skills
  • Basic Games and Drills
  • Offensive/Defensive Systems
  • Practice and Drill Design
  • SafeSport

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