REFUND POLICY: if you choose to receive a refund on any HE course for which you have registered, you must send your request to us prior to taking the online test. You will be charged a 10 percent refund fee for administrative costs. You will be required to ship back the materials package or accept an additional $50 charge taken out of your refund amount for materials.

CAP I National Home Equivalency Course



**In order to register for the Home Equivalency course, please contact the National Office to see if you qualify.  Requests made to Regional commissioners will not be valid.  Email your request to  

Schedule: CAP I HE course schedule is flexible per your hours and convenience.

Instructors: Course is self-taught and self-paced; there are no live instructors.

Course Length: Course length depends on participant's time invested. The required CAP I HE exam must be taken online and passed with a 90% or better the first time. Falling short of that requirement will result in a coach having to complete a full onsite CAP I course and forfeit the opportunity to complete the CAP I HE route. Keep in mind: this CAP I certification is a direct path to attending and completing a CAP II course for certification. The CAP II course will consist of two full days, typically a Saturday and Sunday. This additional time should be accounted for in the CAP I HE course length. Approximately 15 - 18 hours total in a two-day classroom and on court presentation format.

Cost: Varied, price range below is subject to change based on specific course options. This is a guideline only.

  • $285 for Members of USAV and American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA)
  • $300 for Members of USAV only
  • $325 for Members of AVCA only *Includes a $25 Background Screening fee
  • $350 for Non-members only *Includes a $25 Background Screening fee

Course Exam and Certification Requirements: When approved to take this CAP I HE course, coaches will receive a practice test and online access to complete the CAP Level I HE course exam. Coaches must take and pass the exam with a 90% or better in one attempt within 45 days of receiving online access. Falling short of that requirement will result in a coach having to complete a full onsite CAP I course and forfeit the opportunity to complete the CAP I HE route. Certification Requirements include submission of the following: 

1. Signed USAV Code of Ethics    2. CAP I Coach's Favorite Drill Form 
3. Coach's Philosophy Worksheet    4. Background Screening Form (not applicable if coach is current)
5. "Foundations of Coaching" course certificate (IMPACT)    6. CAP I Requirements Checklist (personal use only) 

Materials included: Downloadable course documents include Coach's Favorite Drill, Coach's Philosophy Worksheet, Coach's Code of Ethics and USAV Background Screening and Membership. Please note: Background screening document is only required if a coach does not have a current background screening in the USAV national database.
  • CAP I Textbook, Coaching Volleyball: Building a Winning Team by Carl McGown, Hilda Fonske, Launa Moser. 
  • CAP I Supplemental Handout, includes updated course and health/safety info and other valuable resources. 

Content Presented:
The emphasis of CAP Level I is on teaching the skills of the game. Sessions include but are not limited to the following:

  • Practicum in Teaching the Fundamental Skills 
  • Motor Skill Learning Theory 
  • Coaching Principles/Foundations
  • Developing the Coaching Philosophy 
  • USAV Code of Ethics and Legal Duties 
  • Drill Design and Implementation 
  • Practice Preparation and Execution
  • Offensive/Defensive/Serve Receive Organization Systems
  • Additional module topics may vary 

Certification Expiration and Re-certification: After completing the CAP I Home Equivalency course and passing the exam in the first attempt with a 90% or better, coaches have 12 months to register for, attend, and complete a CAP Level II Course on site. Once the coach has attended a CAP II course, the CAP I certification will be updated to current while the coach works on completing his/her CAP II course requirements. Once certified, the CAP II certification is valid for four years and will expire on a coach’s certification date four years later. Prior to your course certification expiration date, coaches may re-certify in the following methods. Click here for specific recertification information.

  • Attend another full CAP I on-site course
  • Attend Day 2 (4 module sessions) at an on-site CAP I course
  • Attend 4 other approved on-site CAP I recert modules (CAP Module Clinic, another coaching ed clinic)
  • Attend 4 other approved online CAP I recert modules (Click here for a list of approved online modules.)
  • Attend a CAP II course and become CAP II certified by completing all requirements within 12 months

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