Host a CAP course to earn modules for CAP Recertification

Recertification Overview:
All module options listed below are approved USAV CAP recertification modules. More details to come!

Coaches may only apply events they participated in during the four years while their certification is current. Once submitted for recertification credit, the same event may not be utilized for that purpose again.

Recertification Required Documents:
CAP Recertification Application (submission is required)
2016 Explanation of Level I-II-III Accreditation Requirements (personal use only)

*The required amount of recertification credits needed per Quad (all certifications are current for a period of four years) to re-certify for a specific CAP level are listed here.

All recert credits are only applied to a current certification status.
CAP I=  4 Recert Credits needed
CAP II= 5 Recert Credits needed
CAP III= 6 Recert Credits needed
CAP IV= 8 Recert Credits needed

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